Why are Vegetable Oils Bad


I’ve seen bits and pieces discussed on the forum, but I was hoping to get a comprehensive response, and any relevant links.

I know Nina Teicholz has discussed, but was hoping a kind keto-er would forward the most relevant video or articles.

Thank you!

One to avoid
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Google is your friend.

A quick search of “nina teicholz vegetable oils” brought me the following.

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They oxidize at room (or body) temperature unlike other fats which oxidize at much higher temps, and are highly inflammatory.


Google is full of nonsense, so I figured it would be more efficient to come here where folks have likely looked at this info before. Thanks for the response, I wasn’t sure if that video was the best comprehensive option.


Dr. Jeff Gerber and Ivon Cummins have a book out that has great information on this topic. It is available in Kindle form as well as hardback.

This doctor is now just doing research, Dr. Cate Shanahan:

She has a couple of books out and a lot of interviews on various health oriented podcasts. She is the reason I tossed out my veggie oils.


Do you have any other information about this inflammatory response?

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Check out Tucker Goodrich’s work, studying vegetable oils is pretty much his obsession.


Dr Shanahan’s book Deep Nutrition has quite a good chapter on this. The entire book is well worth reading.

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Pretty extreme but i found it interesting.