Who here rides an electric bicycle?

(Matt) #1

That was my only form of physical activity and I lost 105lbs in about a year.
I made my own ebike with a leaf 1500w hub motor, 52v 40a battery, 36v 35a controller, was throttle only no pas but I forced myself to pedal and rode up many hills

I would 4x the distance in 20% of the time I would ride and I never hesitated to get out and ride like I would without ebikes. Every single day I would ride.

Fun times

If you ride an ebike, what exactly are you riding because very few people build their own. I pay attention when I ride, I can tell whos electric and whos not. Most buy the cheap ebikes like the Townies that are $2500cdn with a low power Bafang geared hub, that you can literally build for $300 used Townie bike, $300 hub kit, $400 battery. Radwagon seems to be popular along with the Jetson on Amazon, all not good in my books but I encourage ebiking no matter what.

Again, Fun Times


Hello, I recently bought an e-bike for a really good price on eBay. It is an older model Gepeda Reptilia 900 which is in mint condition as it was looked after by an e bike enthusiast who was culling his collection. I now use it to go into town for errands and small grocery shops, I live at the top of a steep hill which always put me off ‘normal’ cycling before but taking the car for under a mile didn’t sit well with me. Looking forward to longer rides once winter is over.

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See my homebuilt here and here. This bike is now nearly 12 years old and probably has several thousand miles on it.

(Matt) #4

I am still riding the ebike very frequently. Trying to figure out my total mileage, I know its over 10,000 km. Figure if I do 10-20km a day, 300-600km a month, 4-7k kilometers a year times 5 or so years, 20k-35k km. On average, yesterday I rode for 52km, like most days no where to go, just cruising LOL

Off keto, eating realy bad for 1.5 months now, McD’s a lot, burgers, diet coke mixed with soda water, fries.
Equal opportunity for all LOL

Only gained 10-15 lbs but ballooned to almost 300 in the first 2-3 wks of eating bad, 280 now, 268lbs was lightest in multi-decades.

Thinking behind that was to confuse the body with no routine, no times to eat, no same type of food everyday.

One good thing, tapering off.
Subway today
Just like when I started on Keto
Low Carb with a bit more meat intake
Should really start to throw in the berries, I think I heard Kiwis are good I will have to double check.
I never eat much berries the first go around.

I did buy a big jug of plant-based protein whey powder from Costco, I have no clue. I did not realize it was plant-based, I would have never purchased it, like how I stay away from the fake meat thats chemical ridden. Hopefully that plant-based whey was the top choice, but I think its probably not.

Take it either in the morning or afternoon.

To convert protein to carbs/glucose it takes a lot of energy to convert but its not like I am going full on meat eating.

Today I heard Joe Rogan talk about his eating of wild game.
Wild game meat is what I want to try soon, start off with buying a package somewhere (most likely at a Farmers Market) then hunt my own to eat, but I need a guide to prep the meat in the bush.
Its a whole process, but with a guide I dont have to follow it because its like a gun range any joe with cash get play. No courses to take from the government (Canada)
Just want to try new things.

A real plan in the works right now is fishing for salmon in b.c. during spawning season. I had this trip planned prior to covid, started in March so still kind of winter. Now I skip stampede in July, I hate crowds, drunks and tourists. I skip it, and hopefully this year skip winter (Vietnam, Laos or something) after month long Mexican stay. Small town with nice beach, waaay waaaaaay off the tourist trail but with some expat snowbirds.

I will end up taking my ebike with me, batteries cant go on planes, or at least mine cant 1500wh.
Buy the LiGo’s from Grintech and gamble on the TSA agent LOL
14 hr bus ride $161 or flight is 1.5-2hrs and $200. Bus + $161 + food = $200+ LOL
To bad the dog is gone, now independents fill the need with only two dog routes into Canada. I think Seattle to Van and another from NY to T.O.

Via Rail is an option, but a 300km detour + its not cheap, its actually quite expensive even for just a 1300km train ride, and probably 30+hrs, across Canada takes Via days and days, stop at night I guess for passenger sleeping.

Ebike fishing is what I do, I always bring my fishing rod with me but 75% I dont even fish, but I eyeball spots all the time and pay attention to the fly fishermens locations.
B.C. trip will be with my ebike, urban camping to save money with the occasional motel stay, no hostels. I find motels will post up a great price sometimes on the websites, but this summer/spring/fall I think since its back to normal, it will be busy out there this year. About time.

I do need a new battery
Grintech has some new batteries out, triangle shaped but 40a bms
Luna has some batteries that are 50a so thats what I want more amps.
I only buy batteries from reputable sellers. OSN Power, Luna, Grin… its been so long I used to be able to list off 5-8 from memory, now only 3 of the biggies.
I’d want 52v for the extra power, not speed. 50a battery but I require a 50a controller and the cheap generic ones go for $40-50. At the same time I am getting low on throttles so I need a good spare. Cant be left stranded buy a $20-25 throttle locally in stock or $8 on Ali and gamble on the wait. I fixed the one that broke, simple green wire broke off behind the housing. I fixed it but its not sealed anymore.