White Claw (hard seltzer)

(Jennifer Shiek) #1

Has anyone had weight loss success while drinking white claws as long as you stay under 20 carbs?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

Do you understand that ethanol stops ketosis and metabolism of everything else until the ethanol has been metabolized completely?

Then there’s this:

(joe churchill ) #3

I’ve lost 90lbs over three years and have not quit drinking. I wasn’t drinking white claws. But I don’t think that matters since they’re low carb and I’ve been religiously low carb the entire time - no cheat days.

I would say though, that my greatest rates of weight loss happened when I abstained. And I got better sleep.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

By the way, White Claw has a zero carb option on offer now. I think it’s called ‘Pure’. I guess just vodka and soda water.

@jbchurchill Aside from my first year on keto, I’m not a total abstainer either. I have noticed, though, that more than an ‘occasional’ alchoholic beverage not only stops ketosis, but buggers my digestion the following days as well. By occasional I mean the equivalent of a can/bottle of beer once or twice a month. There are other non-abstainers on the forum and I’m sure we all have individual experiences and reactions to ethanol metabolism. The past couple of months I’ve been developing a zero carb beer and drinking a lot more than I have the previous 3 years on keto. I’m spacing out the consumption to keep the digestive effects minimal and eating less per day to maintain my weight.