Which market is best to buy kitchen appliance?

(Archer Richard) #1


I want to add some appliance to my kitchen collections. Recently I have purchased some products from online Amazon & eBay store. Please suggest me if you know any other best market or store where I can find best quality kitchen appliance.

(Helen) #3

I don’t know any other good market place than Amazon

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #4

I much prefer to buy locally, if the right shop is nearby, than to purchase online. I like being able to check things out in person.

(M M) #5

If not in person at a local shop, op shop, I like to buy from gumtree (an Australian 2cd hand website, where u do local pickups,) also ebay.au for second hand goods.

My reason for going for 2cd hand is the generally better quality, craftmanship of older made products that are actually built to last. Also more of them will work when with out electricity if ever needed.