Whey + BCAA

(Zbigniew Kosior) #1

As I understand combination of both is used for faster regeneration and muscle buildup, but how would one count this fast absorbing whey into daily macros? Just theoretical question.

(Jeff Ryan) #2

from what little I know is that ketogenic diet has more than sufficient Leucine in your body so it becomes obselete. Maybe just take Whey protein but apparently whey protein is quick and may turn to glucose depening on your body.


Whey is very insulinogenic and would be counter-producive if you have some insulin resistance or T2D issues. If you’re actively trying to gain weight, and cant get enough protein through regular food, then taking it with adequate leucine (a BCAA) should promote muscle growth.

An article by Jeff Volek:


You would count it as grams of protein just like any other. The fast absorbtion rate may give you a blood glucose spike or dip, but macros only care about grams, not protein type.

(Jeff Ryan) #5

wow from previous website I have seen is that BCAA is not required on a keto diet.

What happened was intriguing, to say the least. In the 104-gram carb group, 25 percent of the weight lost was in the form of muscle, while the 30-gram group lost virtually no muscle. The takeaway is that very low levels of carbohydrates are essential for full keto-adaptation to take place. This is important because ketones have been shown to prevent amino acids like leucine from being broken down, and thus likely spare muscle.[5]


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If you’re accustomed to a protein intake well over your bodyweight—let alone lean body mass—you may be skeptical about a diet that demands you reduce protein intake by as much as half. Wittrock can relate.

“In the beginning, I was terribly worried that I would lose muscle mass because of the low protein intake. In fact, I lost absolutely no muscle and was able to add lean mass to my physique. How is this possible? It’s because ketones have a ‘protein sparing’ effect. So tons of protein is not necessary.”

What happens if you go too high? Simple: Say goodbye to ketosis! Certain amino acids are gluconeogenic, which means that they can actually be used to make carbohydrates.

Put another way, keeping your protein intake too high could end up having the same effect as eating too many carbs. That said, once you gain more experience with your personal levels of ketosis, you can start playing with how much protein you consume in a day. Wittrock says he stays right around 20 percent.

(Marty ) #7

I think I’ve read you can mitigate the spike by having it with fat.