Where have all the Zornfasts gone, long time passing?


We need to revive our team spirit!


Brenda Zorn asked that monthly fasts using her name be halted.

I had been doing them for over a year. But she called me and explained why, I get it. She is fine with anyone wanting to do monthly group fasts but just not using her name anymore. All the old ones should be in locked status.

If there is an interest we can start them up again. I know they sure helped me out a lot. When she contacted me the responses to the monthly fasting group had fallen off, only 2 or 3 of us doing them regularly. The IF/EX group seems to be where most of the regular fasters hang out these days. Here is a link to this month’s thread.



I don’t care about the name but it was nice to have it monthly. Yes, theoretically I could just go and fast but I just can’t. Back then I needed a tiiiiny push and the threads and others gave me that. Then I simply couldn’t do any EF, somehow carnivore went against that (I didn’t even do carnivore just close and not always… but still). And now I feel ready and I surely will do it eventually with or without others but a tiny help still would be welcomed. The IF/EF thread is there but it was always easier for me when it was a monthly thing. I was getting ready days ago, prepared my mind and planned my last meal…


I am willing to start posting a monthly group thread. I know it sure helped me get to my goals.

I personally do better with Wed. to end of Sat. So would use that as the basic guideline, but hey, anyone can do what days they want. Third week worked for me too.

I will go post a thread and put the link in here when it comes up. We can easily start this month. And the eating holidays are all coming up, so let’s just do this.


Here is the monthly thread.