Where has this energy come from?


3 weeks on keto.
Confession, I had not fully educated myself before I started. Though I have been under 20carbs every day. I had taken some bad advice, some good advice for people a different body shape to me, and did a little of what I felt was right at the time.
So I have still been keto, but have on days eatting under 1000cals and some days been way too high on protein.

I have been lethargic for years. I have tried to exercise and even when I enjoy it, I quickly give up (usually after buying all the equipment for it).
I could never exercise after eating as I would be too uncomfortable. But i couldn’t exercise without eating as my blood sugar would drop off and I would feel like I was going to pass out.

Last night, almost immediately after dinner, I just felt like I had to move. I remebered what Carl said in one of the first 2KD podcasts that he felt that way suddenly.
I ended up doing squats, kettle bell swings, burpies, knee lifts, jogging on the spot, side to side jumps and shoulder presses.
Each exercise I did at least 15 reps for 3 sets.
This is the most I have moved for years.
Usually would need 4-5mins rest after each set. But this time I only wanted 60 seconds.

It was like my body just wanted me to burn off some of the fat I had eatten.

I have never ‘felt’ the energy in the food I have eatten. Food has always slowed me down.

And I don’t even ache today!

Well science… but… magic!


Good for you. I have lowish energy on every woe. Carnivore is a tad better, maybe but not a big difference.
So if someone can say WHY some people get it and WHY some of us never do… Even if we are healthy and everything and doing almost everything right as far as we know… I know people very low energy on keto but they aren’t healthy at all.

Sometimes even I have okay energy. No way I ever would feel I must do something, that’s impossibly high for me but I actually feel to like to do things already… It’s probably both physical and mental change for the better. Never figured out why those days come…

I can’t do such cardio things you do, I can’t even do squats, I try to change that now actually, I probably could use stronger legs for multiple reasons and I don’t run and cycle enough to make it happen without explicit leg exercises. I use weights and some days I am significantly stronger (surely my mental state matters, my muscles are the same, clearly and feeling more okay physically can do that much).

It’s interesting you want to move after food. I must do all my even remotely serious exercise well-fasted. Eating must be followed by chill. I don’t feel heavy if I eat the right stuff but I definitely don’t want to move much. I even walk fasted if possible. But these are individual things, some of us are like this, others need food (some even carbs) before exercise.

And this all after 3 weeks? Awesome! I was just hungry and ate a lot at that point (so I lost absolutely no fat but it was still novel and nice and I was strong, wanting fat adaptation :D). I never will know if my high-ish carb intake was the culprit of no benefits but I couldn’t go even lower than that.

It was so long ago :slight_smile: So much interesting things happened since then :slight_smile:

Yay for you and good luck for the future too! :wink:

And I agree. Magic. Getting energetic is a medium miracle to me, actually…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

This is one of the benefits of giving our body adequate nutrition. Congratulations on a great non-scale victory!


It is called magic cause our bodies are off the poison crap foods :slight_smile:

Super congrats ya feel so great!!! There is nothing better than the body ‘screaming at you to move, it wants to move’ and ya do. That is natural real life.

remember too tho, you are very early. You could get fatigued later as your body changes more and heals/repairs, so you could lose some of that energy a bit but that is a normal progression some of us hit but we ride thru it and come out the better on the other side.

Keep on doing what you are doing and forward ya go to a new better you! Happy you are feeling so well!!

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What a nice report to wake up to. Way to go, man.
Glad you hung in there and waded thru the conflicting advice to find what works for you. My main focus has always been simply stay under 20 grams of carb. The rest is too complicated for me. As I eliminated specific foods, my body started talking to me loud and clear… “hate that, love this.’
So, yeah, you got this. For sure.


That’s cool. I had to stop listening to my body for a long time because all it ever said was that I need to eat anything with ketchup.

I had to go down the strict route and track everything. I am hyper focused when I am interested in something and can not think about anything else.
Now I know what I am doing is right, I can follow it and won’t have to spend every second thinking and researching.


yes it is nice to finally find ‘our personal calm cruise mode!’ I hear ya on that!

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You know, ketchup is supposed to be sugar-free (look at an old recipe book; you’ll see), but I have to say that sugar-free ketchup is not nearly as attractive, lol!


Really? I’ll have a look.
Yeah i dont fancy ‘sugar free’ ketchup.
I’m quite suprised at how fast my tastes have changed. I don’t fancy sweet things, and I totally avoid anything that is the ‘sugar free’ version of things I loved.
I’m not against using sweetener and I was going to buy some at the end of the month, but I’m not missing sweet stuff.


You are right…
Tomato pulp, spices and brandy.

That could go ether way.

I thought it had anchovies for so I reason. I’m going to look up some sauces with anchovies as I have loads.


I liked ketchup on pizza (in the few times I had pizza in my life on high-carb) but I am into tomato :slight_smile: Some tomatoes are way too sugary and sweet to me but others are just perfect! :slight_smile:
While I never use ketchup, I do use some tomato puree here and there (it’s nearly impossible to buy not tasteless tomatoes and I am not particularly good at growing them in bigger amounts either). It probably will be the last plant I (almost) give up (well, stop to eat, I never just give up anything I like). It compliments both meat and eggs so well!

Tomatoes are too sugary to eat with abandon but probably most of us can handle some especially if we treat it as a flavorful condiment.

Sweetened ketchup must feel horrible in most cases, to me, I guess. And unsweetened it’s maybe not ketchup but I don’t care about names and labels much, I won’t call something not a lemonade or a hot chocolate just because it’s unsweetened either… And those don’t contains very much sugar alone while a good tomato puree is naturally sugary and sweet. Not super much but our sweetness perception tends to change a lot without added sugar. So unsweetened ketchup may feel the same as ketchup in the past. I don’t know, it was long ago and I didn’t add ketchup to everything, I merely added a ton to pizza and sometimes scrambled eggs :smiley:

I was more like the mustard type (still am)… So I especially liked stuff with lots of ketchup and lots of mustard… Ketchup probably was too sweet even back then and mustard and vinegar helps with that… And if not and it’s eggs, one can always drown the whole thing in sour cream.

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I also think it’s access to energy stored in fat, which takes reduced insulin levels.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #13

“Ketchup” used to mean any kind of sauce made with various fruits and vegetables, and without sweetener. Once tomato ketchup caught on, though, it ousted the rest from our awareness. The origin seems to be Chinese, and when I was in Indonesia, I encountered a hot tomato sauce called “kecap” (the ‘c’ is sounded as ‘ch’), which I suspect is a lot closer to the original recipe.