Where do you find carb info?

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I have to admit that for the year and a half that I have been on keto, I just google to find out how many carbs are in a particular item. I have recently started using the CarbManager app. I was stunned when I put espresso into the app and it came up with 6 grams of carbs! I tried Google and got everything from zero to 2.5 grams, nothing as high as 6. I started looking at chicken breasts, hamburger, broccoli. The more I looked the wider the range of answers that I got!

Where do you go to find how many carbs are in an item?

EDIT: I do look at labels, but I am asking about food that doesn’t have a nutrition label.


You look at what you bought, Minus things like meat you should be able to scan the barcode of almost anything. Coffee has near no carbs, I wouldn’t trust that number. According to Crononmeter a doubleshot of espresso is 1g, a single is 0.5, that’s per the NCCDB database. A huge issue with Carb Manager is it mixes the official databases with user ones which is ridiculous. So make sure you’re not looking at another person’s entry.

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I was going to post the same thing. It may be that the person who made the Cronometer entry put sugar or something in his or her espresso. Or simply that the person was bonkers.

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That cannot be accurate, they must be counting the coffee grinds as if they’re actually eaten, or adding sugar. Plain black coffee is zero carbs.



I use this site. never checked espresso tho :slight_smile:

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When I was just starting out I used Google
Nowadays I don’t count anything, but eat mostly zero carb foods (fat, meat, cheese etc) with some low carb stuff thrown in.
I do have one of those breath ketone meter gizmos though, so I can check whether adding X to my diet is too many carbs to stay in ketosis (it never is)

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I use fitday and labels.


I use Carb Manager too. I literally use everything I can get my hands on to enter valid info. Google, USDA. Collegiate databases, Nutritionix, and the manufacturer websites. You’d be surprised how many have miscoded their bar codes! I use CM “official entries” as a last resort, but most are pretty accurate. At the end of the day the differences aren’t very substantial. And I cross check any and every “member entry”. Sometimes I edit the nutrients for a database entry and it always gives you your edits after that. Other times I copy to my database and edit it then save it.

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Yikes… 12 ounces of espresso. I’d be doing a lot of espressing.

(I do wonder where any fat is coming from in this recipe.)

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It’s a good lesson in being clear about portion sizes. The USDA Food Composition Database says that 100 g of espresso contains 1.67 g of carbohydrate, which doesn’t seem like much, but 12 oz. is 355.2 g, and the carb content of that much espresso does indeed work out to 6 g.

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Yeah I noticed that too, surely no one drinks 12oz ?! :flushed:

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Actually, don’t know what an espresso is… is it just strong coffee without anything added?

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It’s coffee made by passing steam through the grounds under pressure. It yields a brew that is stronger-flavoured but lower in caffeine than coffee made by other processes.

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And sold as shots rather than in cups.


I never figured out how much carbs are in my instant coffee. I simply ignore it, it’s good enough for me :smiley: (But I still should stop drinking so many coffees… I really try to implement my “only water until 4-5pm” rule, it sounds a great thing for me but things happen, especially coffee related ones but I tend to eat too, without any good reason).

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Carbs in coffee, per 100g - Diet and Fitness Today

[Coffee, instant, regular, prepared with water - Carbohydrate]

Typical Serving size of 1 serving 6 fl oz (or 179g):
0.61 g carbs (0%) 0 g sugar (0%) 3.58 kcal (0%) 0 g fat (0%) 0.18 g protein (0%)

I drink about 10 cups a day. Better start including it in my carb counting. Dang!


But how much instant coffee is that? I drink super weak ones (and less than before so I keep consider it zero. but a few grams of carbs doesn’t matter for me anyway)!
179g is pretty much for a coffee - at least for a strong one! (I have way bigger ones but they are my more luxurious “dessert” coffees after a meal). But surely some people have those… But 10 from them, wow, that sounds much…

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Interesting. The USDA food composition database shows “Beverages, coffee, instant, regular, prepared with water” (14215) as 0.34 g of carbohydrate per 100 g, whereas it shows " Beverages, coffee, instant, regular, powder" (14214) as 75.4 g per 100 g.

It appears that the difference is between the powder, unprepared, and the prepared product, which of course is mostly water.