Where do I get the typical nutrition info for a restaurant serving of thai panaeng curry with chicken



So to begin, I’m referring to panaeng curry chicken without the rice. And to be clear, I saw examples of nutrition info online that say 426 calories and I don’t trust it because it appears like an example of home made panaeng curry and not restaurant serving. So I don’t think I can trust most of the top Google results (i.e. Spark People, etc.).

I don’t trust the nutrition information on Spark People for restaurant food because 426 calories for a restaurant serving is too good to be true, even without the rice.

That said, I am just looking for the average nutrition information for restaurants calories and carbohydrates. I don’t have to have it for every restaurant.

Again, the only reason is I need something honest to put into my calorie and carb counting app.

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It’s going to be guesswork. Even if the restaurant stated the cals on the menu, it’s a crap shoot.

If it was me, I would just black the day out and move on from it. (This is coming from someone who doesn’t miss too many days of tracking-but it happens and I’ve been doing this for years)


I don’t think its a crap shoot because I haven’t been to the restaurant yet.

What if I asked them how many calories are in panang curry without the rice?

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I would be surprised if they know, and I wouldn’t trust their answer anyway.

The only way to be sure with restaurants is to have an accurate recipe… Good luck with that.

Just make an educated guess based on the major ingredients,

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Worth a shot.

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I thought we weren’t counting the rice?

! Cup about 205 calories and 44 carbs. Get a cup of something at home and get a feel for what a cup or 1/2 cup looks like…

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Um. Oof. All I got.

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Why would you worry about calories?
Do worry about net carbs, and total carbs if that’s important to you. Do worry about omega-6 fatty acids, which are a very likely ingredient (sunflower oil, soy oil or canola). But never worry about calories.

Otherwise, the only place where you could nutrition info is the restaurant in question.

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I believe what @Dread1840 meant and I agree that ordering anything other than a grilled steak or something like that in a restaurant is going to be a crap shoot as far as macros go, you’re gambling. The real question isn’t how many calories it’s how many carbs. A Thai Panang Curry is usually a bit sweet, so the amount of sugar in your curry won’t be predictable and neither will the carb content. If you want the meal just write that day off in tracking and don’t do it often and expect to be able to stay in ketosis when you do. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I agree if you order anything fried but in a curry it’s coconut milk. The curry paste is fried in coconut cream in traditional Thai curry preparation. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yes, I did learn Thai cooking in Chiang Mai myself :slight_smile:
However, I’ve also seen a lot of Thai restaurants all over the world using cheap seed oils instead of the more expensive coconut oil. Often there will be an open kitchen or you can steal a look…


Any sauce that somebody else makes will be Russian roulette. We have absolutely NO idea what they put into it. But I am getting really tired of my own cooking and so I understand. :roll_eyes:
I make Thai curry on my own with coconut milk and red curry paste. I buy the red curry paste and only use about 2 tbsp. But I just have to risk that.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #13

Or you can ask…


Cook a massive keto curry pot yourself and invite the whole neighbourhood around to eat as long as they use they own cutlery and crockery. In fact, just dish the dish out at the door, saves you the trouble. But free food is free food, especially when tasty.

Caveat: they all must have continuous blood glucose monitors and tabulate their results diligently.
With metabolic/medical history.

Even then, the results will be sketchy given the small sample which is also localised.

I think you all can see where I’m coming from…


Sharing a massive keto curry pot with the neighborhood sounds like a fun idea, especially if everyone brings their own utensils. As for finding nutrition info for restaurant dishes, have you ever considered checking out hotels near me that offer dining options with detailed nutritional information? It could be a convenient way to enjoy delicious meals while staying mindful of dietary needs!