Where are my pores? And thank the gods


One clue that I something was wrong, before I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, was that a zit between my eyes turned into a swollen, caveman-shelf-brow-line full of cellulitis and abscess so I had to go to the ER for possible leakage into my eye sockets and brain (per the docs) and have it lanced and get IV antibiotics. This left a crater scar between my brows but yesterday I looked in the rear view mirror and didn’t see it.

Upon closer inspection of my face I noticed it is either a) filling in with new tissue and becoming more shallow or b) my fat face isn’t pushing the edges up into a forehead cup anymore so it’s less noticeable. I also noticed that my nose and cheek pores are almost (almost) very hard to see. Again, maybe my fat face was pulling them open and now that the fat is gone they’re just normal, little pores like everyone else I wanna be like.

Anyway, just wanted to say my skin looks fabulous right now I’m very pleased. Thanks keto!

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@PetaMarie great NSV!

After starting keto, I was getting acne like I was a teenager again. I was like, “What’s the deal? I’m eating healthier than I’ve EVER eaten. Why am I getting all these zits?”

My body must have been getting rid of some toxins for something, because it finally cleared up. Had me wondering for awhile though.


Weird! Its so interesting how this woe treats everyone differently!


I had a keloid scar from having a lump removed from my ahem, chestal region - it’s shrinking and fading nicely :slightly_smiling_face:


Now you’ve got me thinking about all the other scars I have. I need to do a body check!

Scars fading is pretty cool stuff!


Yeah - it’s still there but it looks a lot more relaxed :grin:

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My skin has definitely improved too and I’m only in week 5! I had no idea keto would do that.


It’s amazing. I was taught me to use moisturizer as a teen, never to rub my face because it will stretch it out, never touch it or I’ll get zits and never use anything but powder (no foundation) so I feel like I’ve treated it pretty well over the years, but I went through menopause after a stem cell transplant at age 39 and starting waiting for my face to “fall”. It kind of did and my skin got sort of crappy, but now it looks better than it did when I was younger.

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Oh man I wish my pores would shrink! That’s awesome.


Today in the bathroom at work I pulled my bikini underwear up over my belly button. I looked down thinking, what the heck undies am I wearing?? The sames ones I’ve been wearing since starting this woe (well, not the exact same pair).

Woo hoo!