When will my keto brain fog go away?


(Monica Reynoso) #1

So it’s been a week and super proud because my keto strips are turning darker by the day but dang I have the worse brain fog. I can’t concentrate or focus on a project. Another thing that really alarmed is that I couldn’t remember I full blown conversation I had with my boss.

When will this go away?

I just do not want this to effect my work. Thank you!

(Jessica) #2

How’s your salt intake?

(Monica Reynoso) #3

I just downed a two spoonfuls of himalayan salt right now because I was feeling lightheaded. Do I really need to eat that much salt though, I was fine for six days and now boom. I also took some magnesium droplets.I feel so dizzy and lightheaded.

(Carl Keller) #4

Hello Jessica.

I wonder if you started experiencing the brain fog, being dizzy and lightheadedness after you started on the magnesium droplets? I think diarrhea is also a symptom of taking too much magnesium. If so, you might consider not taking it for a few days to see if the problem goes away. I believe if you have a healthy level of sodium that it will naturally help regulate healthy levels of magnesium and potassium without having to take supplements.

Taking 2 spoonfuls of PHS at once is probably not a good idea and can be damaging. Yes, we need more salt that usual because cutting out carbs (which used to help us retain salt) means we are expelling salt faster than we used to. 2+ teaspoons per day, spread out over the entire day, is the way to go. I salt my food to taste and try to get a dash under my tongue a few times a day to get my daily reqs. I also like an occasional warm mug of bone broth with added salt and will also put a few dashes in my coffee. But if I am taking so much salt at once that it makes me grimace, I know I am overdoing it.

Hope this helps.


Someone already mentioned salt which is important.

And are you getting enough water? Make sure you get about 8 cups a day. It’s more important than ever before.

So yes the fog should go away and probably have better mental clarity than ever.

Your body is adapting so don’t worry too much.

(JT23) #6

You do NOT want the urine (they are useless) test strips to be dark. All that means is your body is expelling a lot of ketones through your urine that you body is not using. You want the ketones to stay in your body. You are most likley not in ketosis. The blood meter is the most reliable. Check the foods you are eating and make sure you are eating enough fats. Good luck

(Jennibc) #7

Why are you telling her she is not in ketosis when her body is making ketones that it’s not using. What is the basis for this assertion?

(Jennibc) #8

A friend of mine is part of a big study up in Massachusettes and I think it was about week 3 she hit a wall of fatigue. The first two weeks she felt great. Then weeks 3 and 4 she had bad fatigue. The doctors overseeing the study told her it was to be expected. But then she came out of it. I was surprised because I was hit the very first week. BUT I didn’t just start Keto. I’d kind of come to in on my own and was already higher healthy fat and no grain. It was when I completely took all added sugar out I was miserable and tired for about 8 or 9 days and then it lifted.