When does my self image catch up?

(Wendy) #21

Wow Thank you so much. I have alot of analyzing to do. Had kind of a kick. I became a blood donor. And found out my blood type. Was a disappointment. Cause I’m A+ and for that blood type says basically not a meat eater. Unlike O-s. My husband. Although the list of foods they suggest, are foods I cant eat. So guess its something you can take or leave it.
Seems like just more of a challenge. So today is a new day and everything will be put on a log. Still have 20# to go. And alot of work to do. Agian Thanks for the reply!!!

(Laurie) #22

I looked into that blood type diet thing too. Not true in my case.

This self-image question is very interesting. I was a skinny child, and I was very aware of this because one of my parents considered it a problem. In adulthood I gradually became slightly fat, and ultimately 50 pounds overweight.

But I always thought of myself as slim. It’s a kind of denial that counteracts what I see on the scale or in store windows, etc.

I don’t want to compete on looks (e.g., as a romantic prospect), and I’ve asked myself why I want to be slender.

I think it’s more about power. I don’t want to be dissed as “the fat person” in various dealings. I can’t do anything about the social effects of being old or female. But I can look like a normal person who “takes care of themselves,” which seems to be something that many people judge us on.


LEAVE IT! All that blood type diet crap is a way to write books and sell people programs. You’re a human, you’re a meat eater! Listen to your appetite (unless it tells you to eat a case of cupcakes).

(Wendy) #24

Funny, that’s what my husband said!!! Yeah Keto has worked so far why break something that works. I appreciate all the words of wisdom…
Thank you agian!!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #25

I think that stuff about different foods for different blood types is a load of nonsense. I’m A+ as well, and do just fine on a diet of mostly meat (love that bacon!).

As for the main topic of this thread, it wasn’t till after I started eating keto that I began to realise just how fat I really was! I suppose that’s because until then I needed the denial to keep going. And while I’m by no means thin these days, either, at least when looking in the mirror I can definitely see the difference between today and four years ago.

(Wendy) #26

Thank you Paul! There was a time when I lost alot of weight with a drs help. And still didnt actually see how thin I was. That fat lady ghost still followed me. I have not thrown in the towel yet. Just got off track. And guess was grasping at straws. For excuses. This website gives me hope and strength to keep up the fight. And am thankful for everyone on this site. Their experiences are truly appreciated.

(KCKO, KCFO) #27

I am still waiting, I have a distorted body image and even though my clothes sizes are telling me I am smaller, I never seem to feel smaller.

At least I am healther and in reality I am smaller. So I just carry on and try not to think about it.