When did you start to lose weight

(Louis) #1

Fully aware people do the carnivore diet for their well being but a percentage of us do it for fat loss. The question is how many days, weeks or months did you eventually start losing weight on the carnivore diet? Perhaps some of us never lost weight and at the same time no change your body composition? Interested to hear your results.

(charlie3) #2

My muscle mass and total weight want to move up and down close together (according to my smart scale) but I have added noticable skeletal muscle. At 71 my approach is to gain for as long as possible, not fast as possible. 3 years ago I was about 170 lbs. First year and some months I dieted down to 140, people a barely knew complainged I was too skinny. 2 years after that I’m back to 160 but may be 2/3 muscle, 1/3 fat. Trying to gain “as fast as possible” is a trap and a mistake. Pick a rate of gain and see what happens. Lower/slower is better.


Clean zero carb. Key to it all.

How do you come into it? It is so varied that even if we post personal experience we are all so different.

ZC is time. On plan, with a ‘purist’ entrance is best. Meat/seafood only. No dairy, no spices/herbs, drop any and all………well I need a diet soda this one time and I control it, or I need to eat a cup of rice with this meal cause it is only a cup but controlled and all other times I am holding plan…….what I am saying is how we come into carnivore from the get go for each of us personally is a key factor.

I get it cause I was one in and out of extreme lc into zc. Any lc killed me, zc time I thrived and lost but gained back on lc eating.

So once going all in ‘purist’ zc I lost like 35 lbs super fast…fast for me LOL been such a long time I can’t remember my ‘track’ of weight loss anymore. but I know one thing, clean zc means results for most if we hold it, but that can be applied to all plans we choose to grab.

if zc is your thing, go all in.
meat/seafood, no dairy, no ‘extras’ and fight like hell to stay on this plan.
coffee, yea keep that unless you want gone and free from caffeine addiction.

but in the end, following a true plan and the way it is meant to be entered is key for personal values and understanding of what it will give you and can you make it a lifestyle?

ZC benefits are massive with time and on plan. But that is up to the individual to go all in or play in any plan.

On extreme lc I am lower in clothing size then reg. eating, on zc I am lower with clothes getting baggy and higher weight on scale. LC/VLC/ZC changes us point blank and ZC has given me the lowest sizes for the higher weight on the scale :slight_smile: hope that makes sense LOL