When did carnivore diet help with anxiety

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I’ve been doing the woe for six weeks and still waiting to be fat adapted, I still get hungry like I did at the beginning. Hopefully will arrive soon. Also read a side benefit is a reduction in anxiety. When did this start for you? As soon as you started or when you reached fat adapted. Interested to hear your view.

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If you went full zero-carb/carnivore from a carb-laden diet, it may take some time, in your case. Most people begin a carnivore diet after first adapting to a ketogenic diet, and even then there is still an adaptation period. Give yourself at least 60-90 days before worrying that things aren’t working for you.


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six weeks is still new to healing the body and changes happening for you internally. So just hold carnivore and let it do its magic about your appetite. You can eat as much as you need, at all times. Do not limit your food intake at all. Never be hungry ya know…just eat when you want it. Key on that is your appetite will adjust as your body heals more so your appetite will probably decrease over time, or it might stay big for a while, just eat all you need tho and that change in your hunger signals and more will adjust.

Anxiety. I have low anxiety. I guess I could put me in there with a big group of people probably have my type of anxiety where I can just go over that edge of feeling rough in a situation and the usual anxiety things might kick in for me. I honestly don’t know when the change in my anxiety lowered…I just know as my brain cleared more and as I got more energy on zero carb…it was like I just changed. I handled situations way better and a lot of times my usual anxiety times never reared up and later I would think, hey I didn’t go down that rabbit hole like I used to do. I got thru something in good shape. Again, when it changed up for me, I just don’t remember, I think it might have been around the 6-8 months into zero carb when I felt like ‘I was different’ in how I handled my thinking, how I controlled my anxiety situations and got thru them or even not had those situations.

I think for me it was like start healing the body, eat well and nourish it, gained energy, vitality and clarity of thinking kicked in and somehow thru it all the anxiety situations just lessened on their own.

I hope you get all great benefits coming at ya soon on zero carb. Just hold carnivore and let the changes happen in the timeline they need for you personally. The benefits this plan provides are wonderful :slight_smile:

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I’ve stuck to this diet for about 5-6 months, I don’t remember exactly, but it’s been a while already. In the beginning, I felt hungry, but my body eventually adjusted to the new diet, and my appetite decreased.

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Welcome to the forums! I’m glad you experienced positive results from the new way of eating. We look forward to having the benefits of your experience.


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