What's your KETO - Kryptonite?


(Rob) #9

So f’n true.

Little dry roasted b@$tards!!

Peanut butter is just as bad or worse to me. I always assumed it would be chocolate.

(Rob) #10

Very true but the problem for me, and it seems many others, is the quantity rather than the carb density. I used to be a cashew fiend, moved to almonds once I knew the carbs in cashews but struggle to keep portion control on any of them if they are in a big bag/jar. Don’t get me started on macadamias, those little fat bomb SoBs!! :scream:

Ironically, since I once bought the Trader Joe 200 cal packs of cashews or the Emerald 100 cal packs of cashews or almonds I could totally control my intake of those. I still have some packs that have lasted months. When I buy a big bag or jar of any nut, that bugger is gone in a couple of days. I know it’s my weakness and it pisses me off, all the more so because I seem to be able to avoid all my other prior cravings (chocolate, candy, cookies/biscuits, ice cream, pizza, etc. - all of which are still in the freezer/cupboard) but at least it seems I am not alone.

Thank you, fellow nut-jobs!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS I might portion bigger bags/jars out if I had anything to portion them into. Does anyone know any good materials (tiny bags, pots, etc.) that work for this. It always seems ridiculous to put 1oz of nuts into a 1qt ziploc bag.

(Jay AM) #11

Sugar free energy drinks and diet cherry pepsi or diet cheerwine. Before keto I would have the occasional non diet energy drink. I really like the taste. Caffeine doesn’t seem to do anything for me and will sometimes make me tired. I’m sure it has internal effects. So, my first keto run didn’t include these insulin spiking death cans. This round I heard something like, “a diet soda is a fine treat every couple of weeks.” And goodness was I craving one. It all went downhill from there. It was one diet soda every other day to two a day to four diet energy drinks a day because I’d buy them on sale for the week and drink them back to back all at once. It’s a disaster and has been for a couple months. I call it night shift brain because willpower is so weak and any of my cravings are the worst.

So, now, there will be nothing but water and if I really want a non water drink I have to make ketoaide. I’ve done it before, it’ll be done again.

(Sophie) #12

Pecans, macadamias and strawberries…can’t eat just one. :roll_eyes:

(Edith) #13

My kryptonite is pork rinds. I can’t just eat one serving so I end up eating too much protein. My big mistake was buying the big tub from Costco. “Oh, I’ll just have a few. Oh, just a few more.” I just keep dipping my hand in the tub.


(Rob) #14

Maybe not…

(Edith) #15

Hummm… very interesting. So… I guess that leaves me with the question: Are they kryptonite? Probably yes, since I should be eating a better quality food anyway. :grinning:

(Rob) #16

I know, I’m confused about what it really means too. I guess you have to count the calories but not really the protein? It probably doesn’t really enable GNG but who knows?

Since they are good and one of the rare keto snacks I am going to keep eating them (if not to excess) since they always push me over my protein too. Now I won’t worry so much about that.

(Edith) #17

Oh, I won’t stop either. Dipped in guacamole… so good. Hum … maybe I need some breakfast. All this talking about pork rinds is making me hungry! :wink:

(Rob) #18

Buffalo sauce and sour cream for me :yum:

(Edith) #19

Done that, too, except with mayo instead of sour cream.

(Carolus Holman) #20

When I say “KETO-Kryptonite” I am talking about KETO-Friendly foods that are either a “Gateway or Slip-and-Slide food”. Most KETO-Friendly foods contain a low amount of Carbs, however when binged upon they bring your Carb-Count to something resembling a Basketball score. When you reach the 4th Period of that “Game” then all bets are off and you may start the Slide into “Carb-Hell”. In for a Gram in for a 100… Fun thread everyone! Good to see I am not alone battling the NUTS! :slight_smile: :bacon:!!!

(roxanna) #21

I bought these for gaming: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XD2P21Y/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but they are perfect for things like this.

(Rob) #22

That’s probably 575 more than I need :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but at $10, who cares. Thank you.

Do we think these are “food grade”?

(roxanna) #23

That I don’t know and the question/answers aren’t clear!

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #24

I manage my nuts with a slightly strict portion control. A serving of the almonds I buy fits into the lid of the jar they come in. So I fill the lid, not overflowing, and put the jar out of reach. It’s conscious portion control.

That’s the trick for anything that you might eat mindlessly. Very solid for nuts. Find a portioning method, and only eat one portion.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #25

Nutbutters are mine. I stopped buying peanut (sugarfree of course) butter unless I’ll use it up in a recipe.
I had to make a rule that I only can have almond butter in my BPC (I use a tsp as an emulsifier) and that works quite well. I also store them in a cabinet I don’t see them all the time.


Coconut milk - full fat but not as low carb as I thought and CERTAINLY not when you’re having almost the whole can! That was early on -i just don’t buy it at all anymore cuz…yeah. No can do

(Olivia) #27

Peanuts and macadamias are the worst and can even induce a proper binge-fest followed by guilt followed by punishing myself with fasting. An opened packet of cream cheese in the fridge also suffers from the occasional teaspoon-raid :smiley:

(Erin Macfarland ) #28

@Keto6468, lol, yes peanut butter is my downfall too!