What's your favorite part of the new forum versus the Facebook page?

(suzanna) #1

What’s my favorite part?
(Aside from being able to search! Hallelujah!)
I haven’t come across a nasty or sarcastic comment yet! Everything I’ve read on the forum has been polite, helpful and supportive!

(Cheryl Meyers) #2

I agree–only good eggs here! I like having an app that is designed for the forum, no distractions.

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

Being able to read new posts over and over and over without reading old posts over and over and over.

I fear someday the trolls will appear…in the meantime bask in the peace and quiet!

(Danielle) #4

SSO much easier to use. I agree with @jfricke I like just being able to read the new and unread posts.

(Jessica K) #5

I’m a fan of the organization. It’s just easier to find what you are looking for and follow the things you are interested in!

(Howie Levy) #6

I do not use Facebook so this new forum allows me to join the discussion.

(AnnaLeeThal) #7

Everyone here is helpful and has something to contribute to the conversation. The information here is backed by science and personal experience. Oh yeah…Recipes!

(Karen Parrott) #8

Fast reading and zeroing in on only the topics that interest me. Great justification for my new iPad Mini 4 :joy::+1:t3:


Carl and Richard picked a great forum for troll mitigation, bots be damned.


Worlds better than Facebook…of course, I despise Facebook anyway.

(Jane Reed) #11

An End To The Chaos!

(Rebecca) #12

Being able to pick and choose what I want to read based on the titles, I use the new & unread mostly. With Facebook I didn’t often go into the page just read what was on my feed and there is so much crap there that I missed a lot of good stuff.

(Kylie Woodruff) #13

I do love coming back to an old school forum - use to love them so much before FB. Like others have said, much easier connection to information.

(Simon Saunders) #14

that i might only need to answer a question once :slight_smile:


I am THIS --> <-- close to justifying my need for a tablet to hubby. :wink:

(matt ) #16

The search rocks and being able to just browse a category is a refreshing change. Oh and the admin work is much easier. :wink:


I’m loving the split and merge features. And the wikis.

(Monterey West) #18

Organization by topic and not reading repeated questions (yet).

(Jacquie) #19

I have great memories of forums as a member and a mod. Forums may be considered ‘old school’ by some but using the Discourse format makes it ‘new school’ for me! :slight_smile: I find I can relax, take my time and go for the depth that is missing from fb. And, yes, the scrolling by of information and mods having to repeat information over and over again…that was painful.

(Guardian of the bacon) #20

I always found it easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission…but maybe that’s a guy thing?