What's with the blur spoiler?


So you go to blur a “bad” word for the sensitive types, which it does but then you unblur a block. Has the snowflakery got so bad we can’t even do that anymore, or the forum messing up?

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Maybe it’s just not having had enough coffee yet, but I’m not sure what the problem is. As far as I can tell, the blur/spoiler feature is working as designed.

You can blur a word or a phrase of several words.

You can even blur an entire paragraph, or more.

What I have noticed, however, is that quoting a post with a blur in it removes the blur codes, but they can be re-added to the quotation.

Clicking on blurred text makes it visible until the text is clicked on again, which causes it to be re-blurred.

If none of the foregoing addresses your problem, let me know.

One thing to try might be to shut down your browser, start it up again, and get into the forums fresh. That sometimes clears up a difficulty.

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I just saw a post that might be what you’re talking about. Certain words are censored by the software to show as blocks, one per letter. Blurring them is therefore redundant.

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This is so mother-fracking cool. I never knew this was even an option! Thx.

[p.s. - if you unblurred me, what the blur were you expecting?]


You didn’t swear though! It used to not be like that. We used to be allowed to use “adult” words as long as we were nice about it and blurred them, now it seems that’s gone.


Right, but it wasn’t originally like that, as someone with the mouth of a truck driver I notice! Most of us have always used the blur for swears that may “offend” the sensitive people. Nobody really blurs anything else, what’d be the point?

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I just checked, and there are three racial epithets that the system won’t allow, and four sexual/profane terms that are censored.

If there’s been a change, then I guess someone got tired of going around and blurring certain words that people forget to blur. The Dudes are quite clear that this is a family-friendly Web site, and we hope that people will bear that in mind while posting.

I sometimes like to blur “heck,” “gosh,” and “darn,” just 'cause it messes with people’s heads.


I’ve caught that and now it makes sense. Screwing with people is always a good reason! Still think it got cranked up too far… but I guess that’s 2021!

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… see above, with all due respect.


People blur food anecdotes in the fasting topics, and we tend to blur carb food references in ZC carnivore chat.

Just to help people stay on their plan.

Words are powerful and the mind is weak.

Interesting psychological paper:

These results demonstrate that adults can be led to believe falsely that eating certain foods as children made them sick and that such false beliefs can have consequences.

These studies demonstrate that it is possible to plant rich false memories.

People can be made to believe that eating certain foods is what made them sick. This is psychological plant-based nutrition.


Yep. I blur only such things. I can swear just fine and don’t understand what is the problem with using those words, they have their role but I don’t use those in polite company :smiley: (And almost never anyway but I have some friends who are fine with those and it’s cool. I dislike being under restrictions that makes no sense to me all the time.)

I don’t really understand why words about food trigger people as I am not like that but I accept they do and act accordingly. At least I try, I obviously make mistakes.

The double hide (blackboxing+blur) isn’t optimal but we can live with that I think. It’s pretty rare here.


Blurring is pathetic IMHO.

Only my n=1 opinion of course…others may disagree.


Why can’t people handle the King’s (formerly Queen) English speach?

Blurring? Is that where we are at?
Nonsense. Onions.

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Blurring is a requirement on this forum. This is a family forum, and it’s not as though people can’t figure out how to un-blur text, anyway.

For what it’s worth, the really nasty words are completely sensored, because people seem to think that children should be exposed to them and refuse to blur them.


Onions, my friend.


Last time I checked, onions, (or a meal that contains them, to be fair) is not offensive.

I suspect that you (and what remains of the people on here) agree with me.


Oh dear. Onions.

P, not really promoting Keto here TBH.

Nobody here anymore it seems…


No but it can be triggering. I typically make sure I blur it on carnivore or fasting threads :slight_smile: Not always, the carnivores are usually not THAT triggerable (of course I blur my paragraphs about fruit but I usually just don’t talk about it there… but no way I can do it all the time, fruits are very important for me. not as food, necessarily but they are. so if someone mentioned them, I can’t resist) and sometimes there is talk in the fasting threads as most of us are fine with anything and we wonder if we should blur… But there is usually blurring there and it makes sense to me even if I don’t need it at all. Not everyone is me.
By the way, the others are so great, they usually can write a whole comment about fasting without talking about food. My fasting is all about my food as I need a proper last meal to make it possible (and I have tiny fasts anyway).



Shinita, I like you, and everyone else in the ZC thread. I really do.

Ask Alvaro about onions.


They are not worthy of a blur or ban.

Period. Full stop. N=1 my opinion.