What's with the blur spoiler?


Only if you judge that from an angle of sanity. The hypersensitivity has hit an all time high. So of course the whole world has to bend for the 1%. Whenever something has to hit a level that defys logic the two magoc words are always the same, “Children”, or “For your Safety”.

I wonder how many “children” are here deciding on their own to eat a non standard WOE and somehow actually doing that… hmmmmmm. Remember when people could say things on the internet? Back before everybody started every day actively looking to be offended by anything and everything? Those were the days…



Ifod! I knew we would agree sooner or later lol!


I’m joking btw. i actually do agree with you on a lot of stuff.

But here, thank G-d for the freedom to differ as well.

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This reminds me of one of my favourite (perhaps apocryphal) stories of back in the 90s when the IT department of Scunthorpe Council in the UK installed some new software to filter out spam and rude messages from the email system.

The system was installed at the weekend, and all the workers arrived on Monday morning and they realised at about 9am that they weren’t receiving any emails at all… nothing…

… until they realised that the system didn’t like something in all their email addresses and was filtering the lot….


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It’s actually called the “Scunthorpe problem” by computer programmers, and it’s very real. Tom Scott has a great YouTube video about it. I don’t know if that particular story ever happened, but residents of Scunthorpe and Penistone regularly run afoul of site censorship filters.


Not to mention what these guys must have gone through a fair bit with their previous name.


I don’t like the hypersensitivity either, I feel so lucky I don’t have that irl at least…
But blur? That’s no problem for me at all. I don’t need it but why not to be considerate? Fine by me. I can even deal with not swearing (I lived my life like that for decades when I was young anyway) though that is more restrictive… And I don’t understand what is the thing with kids, as if they wouldn’t know and use them too, oh well. One can get witty and almost-swear with pretty words too so no problem.
MY hypersensitivity is against the hypersensitivity regarding gendered pronouns, thankfully I never met anyone like that where I actually had to communicate with them (being asocial helps a lot. just because I like to monologue and react, I avoid people most of the time). But if someone expects me to care about things nothing to do with me, I will start using Hungarian pronouns, thanks the ancient Hungarians we don’t have gendered pronouns or any other gendered grammar things (if I use a verb in past tense when I talk about what I did in Russian, I need to confess my gender. and I don’t want to as I can’t put myself into one of the two boxes. I probably would use them random :D).
But there are plenty of even worse hypersensitive BS online, oh my.

A little blur that doesn’t keep me from anything? That’s lovely.

Oh I never heard about that… But I experienced something similar. We made a kiddie site ages ago and there was a swear word filter installed. There was no problem with usernames but all kinds of proper words were banned due to containing a short “bad” word. Like, oh dammit I can’t even write s.h.i.t here without black rectanges, I am sure kids in nursery school use it (though I never was in an English speaker country just make an educated guess)… What, so crap is a better word? Works for me. So, it’s a 3-letter word in Hungarian meaning “crap” and deer and magpie starts with it. So the kids never could write deer or magpie.

Apropos swearing… I read way too many Harry Potter fanfics (some are wonderful and I learn 50 big words from it, well that is a tad tiresome… and I actually forget most of it but I keep them in my exercise book and sometimes try to refresh my knowledge…) and it’s quite annoying when everyone says “language!” for no apparent reason for me. We don’t even have such a thing, the “language!”… Sometimes I need to search for the apparently offensive word. Hell and bloody are actual proper words, why is they a problem…? Okay, bloody can used as a swear word but hell is a place… This hypersensitivity low-key hurts me. Swear words have their place anyway, I don’t say they always have their place on a forum, I speak pretty okay in public too (but I swear very very little anyway despite I was grew up with a temperamental, often stressed Mom who had no filter when really annoyed) just in general…

By the way, what’s wrong with penis? It’s a very proper biological term and I dare say, highly important for quite many species… Survival and stuff.
I never could stand prudes.
As if people couldn’t find metaphores…
By the way, I find it very interesting that Dick is a proper nickname for Richards… But hey, English has ass for donkey and cock for rooster too… And tits are birds just like boobies… :smiley:
Hungarian lacks this as far as I know. We only have things like “peasant” is a mocking word for rude people. It’s VERY insulting despite peasant used normally isn’t at all. But it’s never very vulgar.

I gladly talk about languages any day :slight_smile: I especially like collection where it’s shows how very creative a language can be with a certain swear word, using it for zillion different things.
But creative usage of a normal word is wonderful too. We Hungarians have few words with very different meanings unlike English but when we add inflection… Oh we are good at that. A single word can say so, so much as we just glue zillion new grammar things into a root of a word.

And I never met a Hungarian language enthusiast who could appreciate my passion and knowledge about these things… Sigh.

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There is a town here in Arkansas called Flippin. I took pictures when we drove through of the Flipping Police (on the side of their squad car) and the Flippin Church of Christ. I think I giggled all the way through the town!


LOL. Each to their own, but my preferred organ meats for eating are liver and kidneys :slight_smile:


Few people get Northern Irish humour…