What's Fer Brunch?

(J) #1

What’s fer brunch, y’all?


(Robin) #2

Who made this yummy bounty?

(J) #3

Me, myself, and I.

(Robin) #4

Well, good job you three!


Here’s a Bavarian summer brunch. I haven’t made it today, but that’s what’s for brunch there:

This is Bavarian bacon/pork belly. It is served just like this, it is cured and requires no further cooking. It is cut in cubes, then some baby Swiss cheese is cut in cubes and lightly salted, and radishes and a cold drink are served alongside.

I’ll have to order some of this bacon soon and have this brunch. It’s perfect for hot summer days.


Wow, it even looks so pretty!!! :heart_eyes: I would like this.