What's a good daily laxative in keto?

(Manda) #1

I take medication that causes constipation. What’s a decent daily laxative option? I’ve used Psyllium husk in the past but been told it’s not great? Any advice ketoers?

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MCT oil. :point_left: Ghee. Experiment with dosage. Some will get made into ketones and some will help lubricate the lower bowel. Highly recommended that you allow a few consecutive days at home until you figure it out.

PS: you can add to regular food; you don’t have to gulp it down by the tablespoon - although that will lead to the desired result faster. Like at those times when you are painfully plugged.

(Manda) #3

Thanks :heart: I’m always at home lol severely disabled. I’ve used MCT before but it did f all. I used to get results from magnesium citrate but only in massive amounts. I’ve been on these pain killers and other meds for years and really need something that works. Also drink black coffee. Some have said coffee enemas but I don’t think I’d be able to complete that without wrecking the place :rofl:

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If you tried MCT oil and it did not help, there are two possibilities. First, take more. The rule of thumb is take enough to give yourself diarrhea then back off. This can be brutal for a few days. Second, try MCT oil powder. For some folks the powdered version seems to have a stronger laxative effect than the straight oil. The powder mixes with water, so you can add it to coffee, tea or even plain water so it’s very easy to take lots of it. MCT oil is not cheap, but you can lessen the costs by using ‘Liquid Coconut Oil’ which you can purchase in almost any grocery store at half the price of MCT Oil in healthfood stores. It’s not exactly the same fatty acid profile, but for what you need it will work just as well.

See this experience of mine. I should mention that “… this went through me like a bolt of Exlax!”

Finally, you could try just to eat more fat, especially ghee. Put a heaping tablespoon of ghee on everything. You will reach a saturation point where it starts going through you without stopping for digestion. My macros are 2:1 fat:protein grams, so it’s quite easy for me to OD on fat if I need help to dump.

PS: none of this is going to adversely affect ketosis, unlike lots of meds.

(Robin) #5

I take a magnesium citrate powder that solved that issue promptly! You can figure out the dosage. The recommended amount should help, a but more can work faster, and double can clean you out. It’s also good to promote sleep and prevent nightly muscle cramps, so I take mine in the evening. Good luck. I hope you find relief.


eat more fat.

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

Epsom salt, a.k.a. Magnesium sulfate.

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There is also a good old-fashioned enema. Depending on the amount you plan to take, it can be helpful to buffer the water with a teaspoon of salt or baking soda. The chemicals in the commercial preparations that come in little plastic bottles are said to irritate the bowel, though I never found it so.

Another thought: Dr. Stephen Phinney, one of the researchers into ketogenic eating, talks in some of his workshops about how a low salt intake can cause constipation. So it might not hurt to try to add a bit of extra salt to your food, to see if it helps at all. Though if, at any point, you start finding the taste of salt unpleasant, that means you have had more than enough and should back off.

(Edith) #9

What is your definition of “massive amounts?”

I took a tablespoon of MCT oil once and it hit me less than 30 minutes later. I thought, “One tablespoon should be okay.” Boy, was I wrong!

(Manda) #10

Like 3x the usual amount. Probably about 900mg or so.

(Manda) #11

Have you heard about coffee enemas? It’s not the same coffee you drink from what I gather. I’m not sure I’d get into it, but it might be a less damaging way to clear out without substances?

(Manda) #12

I did use a powdered drink and it used to work but I was pregnant at the time and keto and things always happen faster when you’re pregnant lol. Plus I wasn’t on any of the pain killers then, so wasn’t affected by the constipation.

(Manda) #13

I can give those a go, thanks!

(Take time to smell the bacon) #14

I’d be worried about caffeine jitters. Although I suppose one could use decaf. But plain water (buffered, as appropriate) is less irritating to the intestinal lining.

(Rindaloo) #15

Ive used slimmers teas like ‘Form’, I think it’s got senna in. Yes it works well for me without dramas, I haven’t a clue if its OK to use long term. BTW, I dont use it as a weight loss solution, the box is there for when I have a need. I’ve had the box so long now, I bet its out of date. LOL!

(Nancy Gibson) #16

I used to have this problem too. Make sure you’re drinking LOTS of water. if you have a disability, it may be kind of a pain, but nothing will work without water. Try a probiotic. Try electrolytes. Good luck!!

(Edith) #17

Yup, agreed, that is a large amount of Mg. :grinning:

(Manda) #18

I understand what you mean. I need something to take every day to allow my bowel to function. I take omeprazole, gabapentin and tramadol, trying to get off them but I have severe disabilities and currently I have no choice. So those make it impossible to go naturally. I use overnight laxatives but they mess me up after a bit and they’re really violent on your system. I end up awake at 3am vomiting and the other end because the cramps they produce make me throw up as well.

(Manda) #19

I can’t manage a whole lot of water and never could. It never stops flushing out. I tried it to see if after months that would calm down and it doesn’t. I have to use a commode in my room currently to pee because traipsing downstairs is too much. So it would be really hard to get up every 5 mins if I was drinking loads or water. I’m not sure I believe that it does anything of positive value to overhydrate. I take electrolytes as they’re essential but they don’t have any effect on the pain meds backing me up. I also tried a few probiotics and found no difference. Do you know of a good one? I’m afraid they all may be dead before they get into the gut. Thanks for your help :heart:

(Manda) #20

Think I’ll give it a go. Never know, might be a life changer.