What's a good daily laxative in keto?

(Edith) #21

We have a herbal tea in the US called Smooth Move. Maybe you have something like that there?


Depends on the angle you want to go for, Psyllium husk screws with a lot of people (like me) I found stool softeners and good hydration works fine, and unlike real laxatives stool softeners are safe to keep taking, but also don’t fix a problem, they just work around it. If the meds causing it are Narcotics, that’s a whole different type of constipation, whenever I’ve been prescribed them they always prescribe Movantik with it.

Minus med induced constipation, when I was doing standard keto I always had constipation for years and wound up screwing myself up because of it. Upping fiber fixed it within days.

(Robert) #23

Ditto for me. magnesium supplements or in cacao/ cocoa is so good…

(Mc-Queeney) #24

I had constipation problems for years with nothing working. I found that if I put 7 grams (regular daily dose is 17 grams) of Miralax in my smoothie every morning, I am perfectly regular. I asked my doctor about this and he approved. Since Miralax has no taste, you could put it in coffee, water or tea.

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Thanks for your help. Yep, narcotics indeed. I also suffer from gastroparesis so that doesn’t help. Keto makes my reflux disease worse as well ugh.
I got given those orange sachets of laxatives from the doctor but they don’t do a lot and I honestly can’t see myself taking them every day which I’d need to. They taste like salty hospital cleaning agent with a slight hint of orange. What are good fibre sources on keto?

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I find that Chia seeds work really well for me. 3 Tbsp soaked in macadamia “milk” daily but you can soak them in water as well.

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Yes, to this :point_up_2:


Awesome, we’re the same person :wink: I’d definitely make them call you in some Movantik then, it definitely helps huge, doesn’t make you normal, but helps a lot. As far as true fiber sources that are keto… not much really, many keto’rs are afraid of fiber. I get a lot from my 647 bread but any of the keto breads are fiber loaded to bring the net carbs down so at least it’s (kinda) real fiber. Past that things like Miralax since you can use it daily, I also always have soluble fiber powders as well. That and obviously make sure you’re always really hydrated.

May want to try digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL for the reflux. Reflux many times goes hand in hand with gastroparesis but many times it’s low stomach acid and just not breaking stuff down right. I got put on PPIs for a while for mine, I stopped taking them and started adding the Betaine HCL (which is stomach acid) and problem went away.