What was your moment, when you absolutely had to change?

(Jeanne Wagner) #101

Maybe there could be a grassroots spread of the Word of Keto via pharmacists, since doctors and nutritionists are unable to share (fear of losing their license) or don’t believe in it.

(Gary Fesmire) #102

I have been on Metformin for years and accepted it as as way of life to the end. Educated myself as much as I could at the time and went on Atkins. I succumbed to the public belief that it wasn’t good for my high cholesterol and went on eating as usual with disregard to what I was eating. My last doctor blood test indicated a 9+ hba1c score and they wanted to prescribe Victoza. I was going to accept this as the next stage of a incurable progressive disease with no end. I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and with insurance and a coupon from the manufacturer, it was going to cost me $355 per month. Needless to say I didn’t get it and went by the doctor’s office to discuss alternatives. They didn’t have an immediate answer and would call me. In the interim, I did some searching on the internet and discovered information on the ketogenic diet. I was familiar with podcasting and looked up podcasts on ketogenic diets and found “2 keto dudes”. I began listening to podcast and loved the information and the personalities. When the doctor’s office called and let me know that the recommendation was still Victoza, I told her that I was going to reduce my hba1c numbers with diet. I heard a bit of concern in her voice when she said “are you sure?” I replied that I would like to set up an appointment in 3 months to draw blood for lab testing. That was the beginning of May 2018 so I am not a month in to this WOE. I am sure the numbers will fall. I am patient but anxious to see the results.


A fasting insulin level of 37 did it for me.

Not diagnosed diabetic, but blood glucose creeping up into the low 100s. I could convince myself that I really wasn’t prediabetic.

My fasting insulin proved otherwise. And explained why it was so hard for me to lose weight.

Keto for life at 67.

(Brian) #104

Spent a weekend at the Alabama river with my wife’s sister and some of their family. It was a good weekend. But I remember of being nearly 300 pounds and realized that I was pretty much worthless in that state. I didn’t feel like I could do any appreciable amount of physical work. I would get winded easily. I would sometimes even get a little light-headed when I knew I shouldn’t be. I felt bloated when I’d eat, hungry when I didn’t. And in general, felt like if I didn’t do something, I wouldn’t be long for this world.

We came home from our weekend and I told my wife about watching some Dr. Berg videos on YouTube and that I was gonna give it a try. She could do it with me or not do it at all, I didn’t care, but I was gonna try it. She looked at me like I was nuts but decided we’d do it. And we’ve pretty much never looked back. That was last August.

I’ve lost about 65 pounds, she’s lost around 35. We’re both noticeably thinner and we’re both able to be more physically active. And we are. We went hiking with my brother and sister-in-law a few weeks ago and I was amazed that I was able to do things I had thought I’d never do again, climbing up and down cliffs that the rest of the group didn’t want to. I dug a 60’ x 40’ garden plot this year, by hand, with a shovel, and I survived! LOL!! I’m starting to feel like I’ll live again. The lightheadedness is gone. The blood pressure is normal. The way I feel, I am guessing that the blood sugar has come down. (I believe I was pre-diabetic for a while before I started. But I can go a day without eating and I’m just fine, energy levels very consistent where they weren’t before. I know, I should check, just haven’t.)

So that was it. That was the moment. I don’t wanna go back.

(Julie ) #105

At the end of last year 2017 was invited to be part of a weight loss study. I was placed in the low carb group with really loose guidance. So did my research to find what would work best of me. I stay at the high end of Keto (30-47 range) this has been a real blessing.

Lost the weight I need to and wanted to lose. But, many of the other aspects I have greatly enjoyed from sleeping better to the balance of energy (I am AD/HD) . The hormonal balance is good too since I am still not in menopause yet, though 53 years.

It has been almost 6 months and I honestly feel so much better and plan to continue with this direction.

(grace elizabeth) #106

For me, that moment is now. I know the science and know from learning tons and tons about keto and fasting, that it is the lifestyle I must follow in order to be healthy.
I won’t go to a doctor anymore unless I have to. I’ve never been someone who went to the doctor for every little thing anyway. As I got older my glucose started rising but no doctor informed me of this and explained how a slow rise over the years with A1c is something to take a good look at and make some changes. Not until it was prediabetic did he say something and then it was just kind of an aside.
I lost 80 lbs 5 years ago with low carb, my numbers were all okay but not normal. After losing the weight I felt better and didn’t think too much about hyperglycemia. Then the next bloodwork I had, a1c was 7.6 and he wrote a script for metformin, didn’t say a word about diet and lifestyle, and sent me on my merry way. The Rx didn’t really help because I was still not eating the way I needed to to get my bg down. I learned through tons of research that not only did it matter what you eat, it also matters when you eat. I was eating BLD and would eat at night. I thought it was ok because it was low carb food. I wasn’t gaining weight, but wasn’t losing it either and I still had 80 to lose.
I’m still keeping the weight off but bg and bp are still high.
I know I have to fast longer and clear my body of all the sugar and give my liver and pancreas a chance to get better.
I am starting to have what I think is the beginniing of neuropathy in my feet, especially the right. I notice it a couple times a week and I have to say it has my attention.
I have to eat keto. I have to fast. And eventually I have to move more. So my moment when I absolutely have to change is right now.

(Not a cow) #107

I happened across that Ted Talk Video as well, which started me researching this LCHF thingy. I credit Sarah for tunring me on to KETO as well.

(charlie3) #108

Spring of 2017 I learned that my BP and BG were higher than they shouid be. That nudged me into eliminating junk food which also eliminated snacking which took off 10 pounds over about 6 months. The real shocker came last Febuary when I read CDC statistics that half of adult Americans either have T2D or will develop it if they don’t make changes. Which begs the question, what changes? After many hours on Youtube University I settled on a low-carb-real-food diet, currently 50 net carbs. Weight is 143, down from 175. I eat 12 times a week instead of 35 times. My exercise practice includes brisk walking, steady state cardio, and resistance training. I think it was a Jason Fung talk that persuaded me to try low carb.

(Carl Keller) #109

I was tired of being tired and everything hurting. I met a guy who lost 60 pounds in 6 months and he told me about keto. I did some research and here I am, 12 weeks later… 30 pounds lighter and sans the constant inflammation.


When I was at the doctor with a chief complaint of daily headaches and sleeping from 7 pm until work the next morning. I told her I don’t need to exercise because I have an “on my feet all day” job. She asked me if I had ever seen an fat plumber or fat electrician or fat roofer? I said yes and she told me that work doesn’t count as my exercise.

Anyway, being a problem solver and with prior knowledge/experience with LCHF benefits, I went home and tossed all the crap and went shopping the next morning for a day of meal prep. I felt excited and hopeful and haven’t lost those feelings since starting.

(Randy) #111

Sarah Hallberg is my hero!!!

(Becky) #112

Thank you for sharing your story. I had lost weight, improved my bloodwork, increased my ability to be physically active and so many other wonderful benefits of keto. I’ve been lost in carbage for the last several months and am feeling the lack of energy, breath and ability to move as I please. I am hear reading the forums hoping I will find the willingness to get back on keto and stay on. Your story helps, thanks!

(Laurie) #113

I was over 200 pounds. That was it for me!

(Wasabi) #114

My epiphany moment came when I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast, and Keto was mentioned,as was carnivore and fasting. I went down the rabbit hole looking for the carrot (just 1 carrot so it fits my macros!)
Came out the other side and started right away. Was easy, as my dinner that night was pretty keto anyways, realized so was my breakfast, a few adjustments here and there and I was off to the races!


Saw a video of myself at a convention and thought “Time to lose some weight, bucko”.

(Kei Davies) #116

For me I was clearing out the trash in my car and once it was all bagged up seeing the resulting empty wrappers and soda cans etc and realising I’d eaten/drunk all of it. For some reason that day it was enough to make me want to stop it, no longer be a slave to sugar! Then I found keto, then this forum and of course the 2ketoguys. Not looking back