What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto

(Jane) #142

Good example of how you can eat keto and not eat “clean”. Glad you found your way back home and good luck with your journey going forward.

(ace0e4c1b96473136b25) #143

Well said and I’m in total agreance :joy::joy:KEEP KALM AND KETO ON

(Ivonne) #145

This is so important, thank you

(Judy Williamson) #146

I’m on and off keto all the time, I come off for events (holidays,birthdays etc) but will go straight back on afterwards. The thing is the food does taste good, I tend to go for cake or chocolate as these are the things I miss/crave (I hate dark chocolate :woozy_face:), but no matter what I tell myself I still fall off the wagon, I know it’s all psychological and I need to change my mindset but don’t know how :slightly_frowning_face:


Kate, well done on pulling up and getting it together to get back on track!


I find that there are now so many fantastic Keto recipes that substitute those old treats so well, @Judy_Williamson. I too dislike dark chocolate, actually if I’m being really honest I loathe the stuff, but have found some fantastic sugar-free milk and white chocolate options that I always keep in the cupboard in the event I feel like I want to cheat. Because for me, cheating just a little always rapidly falls back into cheating a lot. Those carbs are sneaky little critters! Preparation and planning helps me a lot to stay on track.

(Judy Williamson) #149

I so agree about carbs being sneaky little critters! They do seem to creep back in! I didn’t think of having sugar free milk chocolate, will check that out. Thanks for your advice.


Well Naturally No Sugar chocolate is my favourite…especially the peppermint chip and coconut delight! :blush: