What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto

(Jane) #142

Good example of how you can eat keto and not eat “clean”. Glad you found your way back home and good luck with your journey going forward.

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Well said and I’m in total agreance :joy::joy:KEEP KALM AND KETO ON

(YK) #144

Hi I need some help.

I look quite fit and have been doing workout regularly for a long time. One week ago, I decided to start Keto diet mainly from the curiosity. After a week of Keto diet, I found it really works - I lost fat, my skin got better, no fatigue, etc. Today I wanted to stop Keto for a while and had rice. One hour after eating the rice, headache started and it was followed by horrible reflux, serious bloating and even back pain! When I started Keto diet, I did not imagine I would completely quit from sugar and carb in my life. But now I’m scared of eating those food. My next meal of course became Keto again because I’m scared… :joy: But I want to go back to my normal diet as I don’t bother moderate(?) problems in my life. How can I go back without such pain? Another question is why was I okay with all these carb in the past?

Thank you in advance.