What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto

(Jane) #142

Good example of how you can eat keto and not eat “clean”. Glad you found your way back home and good luck with your journey going forward.

(ace0e4c1b96473136b25) #143

Well said and I’m in total agreance :joy::joy:KEEP KALM AND KETO ON

(Ivonne) #145

This is so important, thank you

(Judy Williamson) #146

I’m on and off keto all the time, I come off for events (holidays,birthdays etc) but will go straight back on afterwards. The thing is the food does taste good, I tend to go for cake or chocolate as these are the things I miss/crave (I hate dark chocolate :woozy_face:), but no matter what I tell myself I still fall off the wagon, I know it’s all psychological and I need to change my mindset but don’t know how :slightly_frowning_face:


Kate, well done on pulling up and getting it together to get back on track!


I find that there are now so many fantastic Keto recipes that substitute those old treats so well, @Judy_Williamson. I too dislike dark chocolate, actually if I’m being really honest I loathe the stuff, but have found some fantastic sugar-free milk and white chocolate options that I always keep in the cupboard in the event I feel like I want to cheat. Because for me, cheating just a little always rapidly falls back into cheating a lot. Those carbs are sneaky little critters! Preparation and planning helps me a lot to stay on track.

(Judy Williamson) #149

I so agree about carbs being sneaky little critters! They do seem to creep back in! I didn’t think of having sugar free milk chocolate, will check that out. Thanks for your advice.


Well Naturally No Sugar chocolate is my favourite…especially the peppermint chip and coconut delight! :blush:

(Pandemonium) #151

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I’ve fallen off the wagon after losing 10 kilos, and now I’ve developped a sort of binge eating disorder? So i got back 15 kilos. EH.
I’ve recently started swimming though and ohgod I need to do keto or I won’t survive! Can’t believe I did this to myself but like they say, breathe in and keto on!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #152

Welcome back to keto. Not everyone does their best on their first attempt. Maybe you needed the lesson to put your heart into this attempt. We’re here if you have questions or need support. Best wishes!

(Pandemonium) #153

Thank you <3 my first attempt was pretty good and I had a strong willpower. But got lost along the way with “Comfort foods” and feeling sorry for myself (+ anxiety/depression medication) -.- Good thing is, there are foods which I totally refuse to eat now which is good. But sometimes I overindulge in rice for example, or sometimes bread (damn you portuguese bread >: | ) .