What to Expect When You Take a Break from Keto


I truly love almond croissants. Or I did. Our relationship is no more.


Be honest…do you miss them?


Hmm. 10 weeks ago I would have said yes. In fact, I have been known to detour past a Degani’s (Melbourne patisserie) on the off chance they had them. (They didn’t. The universe was looking out for me.) But now? I’m not sure the love affair is entirely over but if one was on a plate in front of me I wouldn’t eat it. In fact, thinking about it is making me feel a bit sick. So maybe I’ve changed!:innocent:


Yep, is the same for me. And as I noted in my original post, if you were to eat one now, it wont taste nearly as good as any memory you have of it. Incredible how our tastebuds change (come alive!) once they’re no longer dulled by carbs. Ahhh Degani’s, an old haunt…I’d take a a steak or burger joint over them any day now.


Me too! In fact it just got me thinking about where I would prefer to go now. And I’d really rather make something myself. Or it would be something with meat and/or cheese.

(Roxanne) #26

Yes, great charcuterie and pate too - and as we will be in a rural area, I’m hoping to find some great butters. We will be going in August, so fresh produce should be abundant as well.


Also I just don’t need to snack now. Or emotional eat.

(Roxanne) #28

I think I’ll be ok forgoing the bread and the plain croissants, they really no longer appeal to me, but the almond croissants will be calling my name rather loudly.


Yeah…I discovered a great Southern American BBQ place at Southgate the other week, but my all time fav is Bistrot d’Orsay on Collins Street. Gorgeous angus steaks cooked beautifully with butter and garlic, classic French technique. I just pass on the chips and instead of ordering the crème brûlée I order some of their delicious cheese!


YUM! That looks delicious. Now I’d much prefer that to an almond croissant. (Their quality had gone down anyway…)


I agree. Feast on the good stuff. Most markets will have yummy saucisse and cheese for sale - all willing to let you try before you buy too. I often get a free snack in the supermarket :wink:

(carl) #32

I agree!

(Lucrecia) #33

Great post! I’m so grateful that I haven’t been tempted to take a holiday from Keto, but I understand others who do. Sometimes it just feels like soooo much work. But then running on carbs is MUCH harder because you end up feeling so grim. Great reminder. Thank you!

(Jacquie) #34

@KetoKate Thought I should put my response here, too. :wink:

You’ve got fabulous insight! IMO, it’s a situation that many of us could find ourselves in given the right circumstances. Thanks so much for posting. :heart_eyes:

(Colleen) #35

Thanks for sharing; hearing you loud and clear! Have fallen off the horse over Easter/Anzac holiday weeks. My oven is back working too as of today so no excuses not to cook up a storm this weekend in preparation of getting back up on the horse … STARTING MONDAY! :grimacing:

(Lillian Jane Jay Neal) #36

I needed to hear this. Been a little “off the last couple of days, enjoying some cold one’s”…need to get back on track for sure.

(Kathi Kellenberger) #37

I have been on all sorts of diets for the past 30 years. Keto is the first one that I don’t have a problem getting back to after a short break.

For example, I went on a cruise in February and decided I would eat keto except for dinner. At dinner, I ate the nice breads and had my chocolate volcano cake. For the most part, I stayed away from the ice cream. When I got back, I really wanted to go out for pasta for Valentines day with my husband, so I just set a date for myself to start back on keto. I enjoyed that couple of weeks, but had no problem getting back to keto. Maybe I am just lucky, because I don’t really feel bad making the switch back. I didn’t get “keto flu” and the food on keto is so satisfying, that I looked forward to it.

I recently took a break over Easter weekend. Well, I was really glad to get back to keto because my IBS kicked in for two days that week. Relieving the IBS has been a bigger benefit to me than the weight loss, so the Easter candy was really not worth it.

My issues with eating are psychological. I want eating to be enjoyable and keto is the first way of eating I have had that is satisfying and helps me lose weight. I don’t see a problem with staying on this for life, and I know I can handle the occasional break.


Thank you for sharing your experience, I’m sure many of us can relate to it. Your last words are worth repeating and applying. Keep calm and Keto on. That’s what I’m going to do. A few days back on track and I will be feeling better again.

(Mirissa Joy Beavers) #39

I fell off the wagon the last 4 days. I’m doing my best to not beat myself up or punish myself. In fact, I bought some new running shoes and sports bras to help kickstart my negative attitude I’m putting on myself. Thank you for this post! :clap:


Have been off the wagon several weeks and am just getting started again… I pop Coconut Oil tablets with all my keto meals and snacks to up their keto-ness as I get going (and get the right stuff back in the house – small town grocery shopping takes me a while to get it all back in!). I test a lot to encourage myself when I start seeing pink on the urine sticks or .4, .5 on the blood ketone meter…