What to expect when i switch from keto to normal diet in summer holliday?

(bjørn arne) #1

This summer i am backpacking trough europe and there is no way i can do that while being in ketosis, becouse i wanna drink beer and eat at resturants and so on. I have only eaten meat, vedgies and healty fats for about six months with no alcohol :smiley: the results have been beyond anything i expected, my skin are nice, ive lost alot of weight and i have lots of energi. The keto diet have given me so many benefits and i am scared of going of it in a wird way. Will i gain back all the weight, get tired and feel horible on my holiday? will i completly ruin my progress and have to start from scratch after the two months?

should i carb adapt before travling on the trip? when i come home do i have to go trough keto flu again?

(Karen) #2

Ease more paleo, with some carbs like sweet potato. Yes you might have keto flu again. But if you watch your electrolytes, you might not. Have fun!


(Rob) #3

This is the killer thread on this I think…

I would probably still try to stay Low Carb and make sure that I only had the carbs I was going to appreciate, and not the empty or common fillers. I also know I might fail at this strategy e.g when is a carb in Italy a filler? :flushed:

I don’t know which countries you are going to but many are pretty keto/paleo friendly as a rule if you want them to be.

(bjørn arne) #4

Yea i’l do my best :blush: i am doing interail, so not completely sure witch countries yet. But it will be beer everyday thats my main concern. But will i gain back the weight right away? Is keto effektive in keeping the weight of? Or is it back to start after a holiday with carbs

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If you are hiking a good amount, you may find that you switch back to carb metabolism without much weight gain or negative metabolic effect. I never gain on vacation in Europe, but we walk everywhere. And I’m with Capn Rob, there are very few low value carbs in Italy or France.

If you haven’t had alcohol in six months, you might want to ease back in to the beers as your sensitivity to alcohol may have increased. And you’re leaner, which seems to make a difference as well.

Have fun.

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Revisiting. I was a bit more loopy than normal after a couple glasses of wine last night. But I think it passed faster, as my liver wasn’t stressed due to the many month long light fructose burden.