What to eat on long rides?

(Keith) #1

On longer rides where you bring food along, what are your go-to’s? This has been my main struggle. Before Keto, I brought Cliff bars and Bananas.

Also, fluids. I use to mix my water bottles with Pedialyte or Coconut water when it was going to be extra warm here in Florida. I no longer do this because of the carb/sugar content. Do you stick to water only? Maybe pickle juice…? Something else?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #2

How long are these rides? I just ran a half marathon with nothing but am electrolyte drink before hand and water during.

(Keith) #3

I do my workout fasted 99% of the time. By fast, I mean a minimum of 4 hours (usually 5) because I workout after work. And on the weekends I do not eat before a workout.

My runs are usually 10.2 or 13.5 miles. Once each a week. My bike rides are a minimum of 40 miles twice a week. I do all this with water only.

But… these are my limits as to where I get the feeling/need for food. I have a 100 Mile bike ride coming up in a few months. And I also want to start running longer distances. And work towards a Ultra Marathon (100 miles) in the next 2 years.

Not sure what to bring with me on these rides and runs…

(ianrobo) #4

at the weekend I did a very hilly 220km ride (4K of climbing) I started off fasted and after 100km I had a sausage roll and then another 50km on a pack of crisps and thats it …

I really think people if fat adapted and therefore most be in keto or near it do not need to overthink food and often it becomes a comfort blanket.


I’ve been adding LyteShow to my hydration reservoir…


As for food, I’ve been doing long bike rides and hikes fasted.

(What The Fast?!) #6

The only thing I usually eat on my rides are pickles - they sell single pickles with pickle juice in most gas stations. I’ve done upwards of 60 miles on that alone. I would try meat and cheese snacks - like Duke’s sausages. I feel like those would be a perfect snack. If you’re doing high intensity sections and need carbs, I would throw in a bar or something you’ve used in the past.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #7

Yes, that might be too long to go without adding a fuel source.

In addition to the suggestions above, I might add nut butter packets or a baggie of macadamia nuts for an idea. Some people say nuts are hard to digest, but I haven’t had a problem unless I over eat them.

Good luck on your ride.

(Keith) #8

Is there a difference between the Lyte Show product and this? (Hi Lyte)


(Keith) #9

at $20 for a 4oz bottle, I need to be sure I am not getting snake oil…


It appears that LyteShow and Hi-Lyte are similar products.

There is a graphic on Amazon’s Hi-Lyte page which compares them. Hi-Lyte has 150 mg of potassium per serving vs 130 mg for LyteShow. For magnesium, it’s 45mg vs 40mg, and for zinc it’s 3mg vs 2mg. Amount of sodium per serving is the same at 125mg.

Neither product contains any sugar.

It looks okay to me…

(Sam) #11

Probably not snake oil (as in useless), but certainly something you could mix up yourself with the right knowledge and ingredients.

(Keith) #12

With all the good replies on Amazon, seems either would be a great choice.

coincidentally enough, I posted this same question on Bike Forums, and someone also posted Lyte Show.

I’ll give it s shot… So, How is it normally used? Mixed into water? How much normally?

(KetoQ) #13

I did a long ride (for me) this weekend after coming off a 65 hour fast. My legs were feeling it a bit during my walk earlier in the day, so I took an apple with me on the ride

That said, the apple gave me some good energy before I hit a gentle climb. I imagine I was able to work off the remainder of the apple carbs by the time I finished.

I realize an apple isn’t the most keto way to go, but it was a good call for me. Sometimes, I don’t feel that I get the same kind of quick energy fix from fats.

(Sam) #14

In response to the original question, I’ve only been keto for about 1 month, but from my limited experience I bring salted macadamia nuts and almonds on my rides. I’m a mountain biker doing about 50 miles and 6000 feet of climbing per week, all dirt.

I haven’t had to eat much during my long Saturday rides of about 4 hours. Sometimes I don’t eat at all. In my 3L hydration pack I have just water. I may start adding some potassium chloride to my pack or bring an electrolyte bottle.

I take a calcium, magnesium, and potassium supplement daily, so that may help manage electrolytes. Good luck out there. My goal in trying keto is to be able to ride for 6+ hours without bonking. So far so good.


Just water with sea salt & a small squirt of lemon. I never eat when riding & prefer to ride fasted. If it weren’t for my butt getting sore, I feel like I could ride for hours on end.


This is something I have been struggling with ever since staring keto 4 years ago.

I’ve settled on:

Low intensity (zone 2 - a nice solo road ride) up to 4 hours - just water. More than 4 hours, a meal of 100% meat sausages during the ride. I take them pre-cooked. My butcher makes them with a ton of salt in them too.

Medium intensity (riding with friends so I can’t control the intensity) water for the first hour, then a piece of dried fruit (prunes / figs) every 30 minutes or so. More if you can feel the acidity with lactate being produced, but I really try to limit that as I’m convinced that’s inflaming my arteries. I drop behind my friends if necessary, and re-group later. I don’t go out with folks who want to hammer it for hours at zone 3/4 (sadly I did this for decades, which is probably why I have a CAC in the 300s).

Higher intensity(MTB x-country) up to an hour - just water, but some dried fruit (3 or 4 prunes/figs/dates (I don’t find dates work well during a ride)) directly after.

In all cases 1/2 a butternut squash with the evening meal.

I seem to keep in ketosis with this. If I don’t exercise, I’m very low carb - meat and leafy greens only.

Obviously, YMMV.