What the!? Onions



I’m not a good tracker of things so tend to try to stick to stuff that’s either zc or in the 2/3s like you say. Now that I know about milk and onions and getting a bit more clued up I’ve just cut them down or out. It’s not been a struggle, just eating some different and more simple things really so far. Although not far in so plenty of time for me to make more mistakes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Bob M) #22

True, but I’ve been able to eat 100g of carbs and still produce ketones. Now, that’s eating that amount in a single meal after doing body weight training for 1 or more hours, a few hours before the meal, so not everyone is going to have the same result.

And I don’t think I’m insulin resistant enough that I have to keep my carbs near zero (though most days, I do). If someone IS that insulin resistant, then maybe watch onions.

But I think in the scheme of things, onions probably are down on the list of things to be concerned about.


For people who don’t eat much onions and don’t eat a bunch of other carbs anyway…

And yeah, you can afford more carbs, I can afford way more than 20g too but the average person should stay low and it’s very hard if one eats vegs and like them like I did. And onions are lovely and carby.

Well, in the end everyone should figure out what to do and what they can afford :slight_smile: I definitely couldn’t allow my normal onion eating on my original keto, already full with carbs. Most people who wish to stay below 20g carbs for some reason should be careful with onions unless they already eat them in tiny amounts. I had a 40g net carb allowance and still had to give up my enthusiastic onion eating (as I needed the carbs for many other things). It wasn’t a sacrifice, thankfully.

I am healthy but keeping my plant carbs near zero is important for me as I get benefits there while keto gives me nothing… So there are other reasons for it, not just insulin resistance.