What supplements do you take with keto?


Hi, i started keto after read book called “Grain Brain” and book suggested thoose supplements with daily and i take them every day, but nowadays i am questioning if theese is necesseary and what if i overdose something (author of book which neurologist says essential to take daily)

Vitamin D (2000 IU daily)
Alpha lupoic acid 600mg
DHA (fish oil) 1000mg daily
Probiotics before meals
Solgar formula vm 2000 multivatamin

What is your thoughts?

(Bob M) #2

Megadeath? The band?

Those aren’t bad. It can be tough to get a good fish oil, though.

I usually take Vitamin D and salt. Sometimes, I also drink pickle juice or olive juice (very salty), like right now. Don’t have to do that in the winter, though. I will take magnesium at times, taking this now, but often don’t take it. Started retaking it when I was getting foot cramps while doing a specific exercise.

I’ve been testing Alpha Lipoic Acid. It might provide a benefit, I’m not sure. I’ve been taking it 1-2 hours before dinner. I THINK (it’s always hard to tell) it causes decreased hunger.

I have been taking probiotics, but will probably stop after this set, and see what happens.


Yes the band :slight_smile:

I am thinking stop taking multivitamin and maybe vitamin d since it is summer do not wanna do it overdose

(Bob M) #4

I doubt the multivitamin hurts, though I haven’t take one of those in many years (started keto 1/1/14).

Vitamin D is tricky. I’ve seen multiple studies where people were told to increase their sun exposure…and their vitamin D did not increase, sometimes it decreased. If you can get out daily or every few days in the sun, then stopping vitamin D should be okay.

I’m about to run a test where I test my vitamin D, then get out in the sun as much as I can, then get my vitamin D tested again. I’m guessing it’ll go down.

(Alex) #5

I take magnesium mostly and multivitamins.


Sorry you wasted your time with Grain Brain, don’t feel bad, I did too. Then I doubled down with Brainmaker! Permutter is very extreme and unrealistic with how “bad” things are for us, Brain doc or not!

The supplements you need are 100% about what your diet lacks, nothing else. You’re never going to overdose on 2000IU of Vit D, the whole western world is deficient on it to begin with. Our body makes ALA as needed, not going to hurt anything, and there’s been some evidence that it (may) assist with fat loss. With the fish oils, you want both EPA & DHA. If your gut biome is fine, you don’t need any probiotics, even if you do, you only need them once a day, not before every meal.

Never heard of that brand multi, but looked it up and the ingredients list tells me it’s garbage. WAY better options for a multi, that has more “other” than it does vitamins, and poor forms of what it does have vs more natural and methylated versions.

(Bacon enough and time) #7

The issue of supplements is murky at best.

Myself, I tend to the bias that a decent diet supplies all the nutrients we need, and that a diet that requires us to take supplements is ipso facto an unhealthy diet. Add to this the fact that much of the research into how much we require of various nutrients was done on a population of carb-eaters, and there are indications (not proof!) that we may do just fine on lower levels of certain nutrients if we are on a ketogenic diet.

The most certain of these is Vitamin C, at least in the case of ketonians who eat meat, since fresh meat has been known for centuries to prevent scurvy (the problem the British Navy faced was that fresh meat was impossible to give their sailors on long deployments; limes and lemons were easier to supply). Not to mention that our need for outside antioxidants appears to be much less on a ketogenic diet.

There are indications that the body uses certain other hormones and nutrients more efficiently on a ketogenic diet, but I wouldn’t claim any of that as actual proof, at this stage.

Vitamin D is interesting, because our body makes it from cholesterol. This means that people who are on a cholesterol-lowering medication or diet may very well need to supplement it. The same is true of testosterone and progesterone, which are also made from Vitamin D.

As for pro-biotics, I don’t think we know nearly enough about our intestinal microbiome to be able to say what works and what doesn’t. I haven’t read anything for or against pro-biotics that I would consider conclusive. I have no idea about whether α-lipoic acid or DHA do any real good, but I strongly doubt they cause harm, either.

Another consideration is that there are data to suggest that nutrients in food are much more effective than the exact same nutrients in pill form, which in turn suggests that the wisest course might be to eat real, whole foods and not worry about supplements. But again, that’s where my bias lies, so read this with a grain of salt.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #8

I take everything at night before bed so I take:
ZMA (zinc and magnesium)
Multi Vitamin
Fish Oil Caps
Aleve Liqui-Gels (1)
Dose on Z-Quil
Protien Shake with 50 grams of whey, 2 TBS of flax seed meal and 2 TBS of chia seeds

The ZMA and Z-Quil helps with both sleep and getting in electrolytes. Aspirin and Aleve helps with all my broken parts. The Fish Oil and Multi are to fill in nutritional gaps that my diet may not cover down on. Protein shake provides extra nutritional support as I train 2 times a day most days, the chia seeds and flax seeds provide fats and fiber without killing me with carbs.


~50 grams of collagen to counteract the methionine in all the muscle meat and fermented dairy. Also great for your skin, I don’t want to get all wrinkly before my time (also, my corticosteroid meds destroy collagen, there’s that)
Homemade kefir, hecking probiotic baby!

Actual supplements:
teaspoon of cod liver oil
5 gr creatine
5 gr beta alanine
High dose vit B complex
Magnesium supplement for total 345 mg elemental Mg

Regular and low sodium salt, does that count as a supplement?


Imo none are essential, i think the idea of restricting diet makes you think you somehow need to supplement in otherways, when you dont really need to (assuming you’re eating clean and cooking urself).

I used to take bunch of stuff when i started out, now i just take multivitamin every other day no matter if im doing keto or not.

(Bob M) #11

Oh yeah, I also eat foods that have vitamin k2 (natto) and iodine (kelp from Maine, made like kimchi).

Forgot to say that I’m testing boron.

As for ALA, I can’t figure out whether I think it’s beneficial or detrimental.


none. If the way I’m eating requires supplements, I figure I’m eating wrong. Real food and only real food, plus sun, plus sleep, plus laughter seems to work for me.