What’s wrong?

(Clement B) #1

I started Keto Jan 1st. I’ve been measuring my ketones, glucose, and BP twice a day since. I’ve eaten nothing but meat and the occasional cauliflower. This morning is day five and I’m still not in ketosis what am I doing wrong? I thought it took just a day of no carbs.

(Edith) #2

Your body may still be using up its glycogen stores. Once those are used up, your body will start using fat for fuel. It does take your body time to adjust and build up the mitochondria for more efficient fat burning. Until then, you limbs are going to feel like lead. It takes about six weeks for your body to start to become fat adapted.


Agree with @VirginiaEdie , your body is most likely burning up those glycogen stores. Most research I’ve stumbled across states it’s usually more like 2-3 days to enter ketosis, and another 4-6 months to become fat adapted.

Granted, many lifestyles come into play with both assessments. Exercise, lifestyle habits, etc.

Good luck, keep at it!

(Alec) #4

Patience, Grasshopper, patience! And don’t worry about “being in ketosis”. That is not the goal of the keto diet, it is just a by-product. The goal of the keto diet is to burn fat for fuel, either from your own bodyfat stores or from fat that you eat. When your liver burns fat it creates ketones as a by-product that can be used by the body as energy.

Just focus on not eating carbs. The rest will just happen. It is inevitable.

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(B Creighton) #6

As others have indicated, your body stores up enough glycogen in your muscles and liver to last 2-3 days… usually at least three unless you are fairly active. If you are more sedentary, it will take on the longer side. May I suggest supplementing with magnesium glycinate or similar and some zinc to avoid getting “keto flu?”

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

A bit of extra salt will also help. A lot of what is called the keto “flu” is simply symptoms of a lack of sodium.


You’re in ketosis, you liver can’t hold enough glycogen to keep you running for long, usually 2 days at best, and your muscles don’t give it back. Don’t worry about ketone levels, they’re meaningless with few exceptions.


I would just enjoy fatty meats & fish, eggs, cheese & butter for the moment; the ketones will take care of themselves.