What’s the problem with salted peanuts?

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We’ve come a long way, baby!




(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #42

(Bacon enough and time) #43

This nutcracker and pick come from a set of about eight each that we’ve had all my life. I suspect they were a wedding gift to my parents. They’re definitely older than I am, in any case—and no comments from any of you whippersnappers!

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You had a bus? Luxury!

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Growing up in West Virginia we had black walnut trees. They have a very distinct flavor. They were so messy too because you had to let the outter husk rot off, then you dried them out. A horrible tree to have if you don’t plan on eating the walnuts because you’ll have a mess.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #46

A lot of work for little meat, but the distinctive flavor was very good…

Ever have hickory nuts?

(Tracy) #47

Yes. That tree was up our hollar, not in the yard, so we didn’t have to clean up after it.