What’s the problem with salted peanuts?

(Becky) #1

Hi all
According to the nutrition facts salted peanuts are (per 100g) 5g carb and 8.5g fibre (51g fat) so look good on the net carb front. However, I never see them on Keto good lists. Why is this? Is it because they’re roasted in sunflower oil?
Thanks everyone

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

Aside from carbs, peanuts are actually legumes and contain a poor fatty acid profile, high in PUFAs. But, many folks eat them without particular issues. Just be sure to read the list of ingredients to make sure a bunch of chemical junk and/or carb junk hasn’t been added.

(Tracy) #3

I bought some peanuts for my husband and didn’t realize until later they had sugar in them. I make sure the only ingredient is peanuts and salt. I personally prefer to use my carbs up on macadamia nuts and the occasional spoonful of unsweetened peanut butter.


By themselves they’re fine, but in real life people rarely eat a serving and they derail a lot of people. If you’re a freak that can actually eat “a” serving and walk away, have at it! I sure as hell can’t!

(Laurie) #5

Yeah, a serving. Hahaha!

(Allie) #6

The amount of times I’ve eaten a whole bag that supposedly contains eight servings… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Pete A) #7

A handful of salted peanuts every once in awhile works for me.

(Tracy) #8

My husband is capable of eating one potato chip. I don’t know why he even bothers. He does Keto with me, mainly because I’m the cook and he likes all the Keto foods I make. He isn’t a recovering carb addict like myself, so maybe that’s why he is able to do it. I guess it’s the same logic as my ability to take one drink of alcohol and not want any more. An alcoholic wouldn’t be able to consider the idea.

(Allie) #9

I’m impressed with your self control, I couldn’t stop at a handful.

(Pete A) #10

I will admit I prefer the prepackaged 100 calorie portions put out by Emerald. Or I would want a whole can!


It took some time but now I can eat a single peanut :slight_smile: It’s so small that I don’t even care if it’s coated with some carby wasabi flavored stuff. That’s fun. I eat 10g in 1-2 weeks or more.

It’s not nice and clean, I plan to stop that eventually :smiley: But I don’t particularly worry about it.

100g is actually a quick almost nothing (from the normal kind as the wasabi one is strong, 10g would be painful at once) if I put my mind to eat it seriously… But it’s in the past, I was quite addicted but my carni days solved the problem. I don’t even go back to them on my (usual) off days.

My body has some problem with peanuts (not a big one but I like to listen to its subtle nudges), no idea why. Oxalates or not? Whatever, I stopped eating them except the wasabi ones very very very rarely. Maybe I should make some wasabi flavored animal crunchiness…

I don’t care about keto lists, I make my own lists. If my body is fine with something, it’s probably good. If not but I want it, it’s probably good in small amounts…

(UsedToBeT2D) #12

The problem with salted peanuts is the peanuts.

(Brian) #13

100g of peanuts is actually quite a lot of peanuts. I wouldn’t be inclined to sit down and eat that many just snacking away indiscriminately. (I don’t generally snack anyway.)

I tend to prefer my peanuts ground, creamy peanut butter, just peanuts and salt. 100g is still a lot there, too. But I do eat some and enjoy it without worrying too much about the carbs or the fact that they’re legumes. But that’s me. Probably some strict keto types would not do legumes of any kind. Just being honest. :wink:

(Scott) #14

I remember a heart doctor on tv explaining that peanuts are not good for you. He went on to say we should only eat tree nuts.

(Trudy) #15

Me too…and yet I continue to buy them!

(Allie) #16

I can relate! Still here and there I give in and buy a bag thinking “this time it will be different”… :neutral_face:

(Becky) #17

Thanks everyone. I totally get it, it’s the endless desire to continue munching them that gets me - they’re probably really getting my cravings going too. Probably not helping me in all - regardless of their carb content.

(Bob M) #18

Five Guys (a hamburger restaurant) also serves peanuts in the shell, and I do eat some of them while I’m there. But nuts for me are like bacon – I can keep eating them and eating them and… There’s no “off” switch. At least with the versions in the shell, you get tired of having to shell them.

Anyone have nuts around the holidays? We used to get nuts in the shell. You had to have a nutcracker and let me tell you, you did not eat that many nuts. You worked too hard.

(Bacon enough and time) #19

We always got a Brazil nut in the toe of our stockings, and Mom kept bowls of walnuts around during the holidays. You’re right; it’s hard to eat too many walnuts when you have to crack the shells.

Peanuts are a lot easier to get into, but I found that unsalted peanuts were not as attractive as the salted ones. I used to get five-pound bags of peanuts for my rats—unsalted, of course, because their little bodies can’t handle too much salt—but they didn’t get as high a percentage of the bag as they probably should have, even though the nuts had no salt. :grin: :peanuts:


Nowadays I crack walnuts, often a pretty nice amount at once. Some work never could keep me from getting my food… That’s why I never understood why would I eat less sweets if I had none at home. I can make them in minutes, even simple cakes. It’s the same with everything (food, I mean).
But I only snack on peanuts - now not even on them. Other, real nuts go into dishes. I can crack a ton of walnuts and I don’t even eat half a piece of it.

I actually had an off switch but it was definitely way, way over 100g when I was serious using them as a proper snack and not tasting a few pieces. Maybe 200g? I never tracked but I lost interest and eventually my body expressed its displeasure.

My SO used to have 250g peanuts as a quick meal at work when he had 12 hour shifts at night… I am sure it’s a realistic amount for many people.

My peanuts must be salted and very well roasted too. I wouldn’t eat unsalted simple peanuts unless I was hungry and that was my best option.
Not like I touch peanuts this month or in the next but it’s my no-peanut October (except the wasabi ones sometimes. I ate 2 pieces today) and I obviously will skip them in my carnivore November. And hopefully I will lose all interest later. I can’t thank my carnivore days enough. My annoying peanut addiction ceased to exist. In the first 1-2 months it started to come back on my off days but it quickly got weaker and now that I decided on a no-normal-peanut month, it’s effortless to see the peanut jar in the kitchen where I spend quite a few hours per day and I feel nothing at all.
(I rather want poppy seeds now. But I should make some carnivore cheese biscuits instead. They are a thing, right? Even if not, I will develop them. Nothing can stop me if want biscuits, not even carni November but it’s still October anyway.)