What Really Happens to Saturated Fat on a Low Carb Diet?

(Laura) #1

Can anybody review this and maybe translate it to a couple sentences. Especially the thing about Lauric Acid.

Thanks in advance!


Dietary carbohydrate inhibits the oxidation of saturated fats and promotes their retention and elongation.

It mostly simplifies to dietary carbs interfering with the body breaking down (shortening) the saturated fat for energy, so the fat hangs around and gets longer and more dangerous while it deals with the carbs.

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Thank you So fewer carbs, less danger from fats. Right?


Yes, on LCHF/keto the fats can be metabolized through oxidation for energy in a timely manner that actually reduces the fat in the blood because it is actively being used to transport energy throughout the body.

The more carbs, the longer it is to process them and the longer it takes to get to the fat.

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I love this!! Thank you for sharing.