What kind of marinade do you use?


Hi folks. I used to use an olive oil based marinade for super tender grilled steaks but now that I’m eating carnivore I don’t know what to use as a marinade. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have a good carnivore mayo recipe they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Thank you!!

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What about using Bacon grease as a marinade to stay carnivore still?

(Cristian Lopez) #3

Try smoked sea salt brine!

(Cristian Lopez) #4

Tbh using an olive oil marinade doesn’t seem like it would have any serious anti-nutrient from the olives. If your eating non-grass fed meat, I don’t see how an olive oil marinade would throw off your omega 3 ratios, even then you could benefit from some mono saturated fats and polyphenols?

(Susan) #5

Obviously for Keto, do not use the vegetable oil, but would using Olive Oil making this mess up the carnivore? or using beef fat?

Maybe @Ilana_Rose will have some ideas!

(Cristian Lopez) #6

Though If it’s because you want to stay consistent with carnivore ideology I totally understand!


Basically I’m doing Carnivore for some major health reasons so I’m trying to be more strict than others might be. Thank you all for the suggestions, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth ) #8

if I want to tenderize meat naturally I will dry it on all sides and then lightly salt it and put it on a rack in the fridge for a day or two. I don’t use anything but salt on my food I’ve learned to love the taste of the meat plain.

(mole person) #9

I can’t help this time! Like @Elizedge I the only flavouring I add to meat is salt.


Thank you for all the helpful ideas, folks. I’ll give them a try! :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #11

The salt works its way into the proteins in the meat, denaturing them. See here for instance:

By the way, it’s unlikely your olive oil marinade did much. See here:

(Susan) #12

Oh, okay! Sorry, I just automatically think of you when pro-Carnivore advice is needed =)!!


Interesting. Thank you for the links. I think I’m going to try several of the suggestions here and try some meat without for a taste test. Just want to get the most that I can out of each meal of meat. My olive oil marinade had salt as well so that may have been the main difference instead of the olive oil.

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Has Carnivore helped?

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