What is your target internal temperature for Boneless (thick, country style) Pork Ribs?


It is inexpensive in the US at Costco, and has a lot of fats. A KETO staple at our place!

I grill them usually… and have read that 145° F is okay. But they are still pinkish in the center @ 145. I usually go on up to 160-ish Fahrenheit.

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Even if it’s pinkish, 145 is supposedly high enough to kill harmful bacteria. I like mine 165-170 because I get diarrhea if my pork is a tiny bit undercooked.



I only go lower if I am doing them sous vide then I do 145 for typically 2 hours and finish on the grill.


For pork loin I go to 155.

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140 -145 for me. Trichinosis is killed at 138. Technically, you can eat pork even rarer if it has been frozen according to a Trichinosis killing formula, a temperature-time combination. Since most pork comes to stores frozen these days it’s pretty much already reached the safe state.

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Trichinosis has been virtually wiped out in the US for years.


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160 in the sous vide, if roasting I cook them until “done”


Im not sure why I haven’t posted back here 'til now, but thanks for the replies!! :grinning:

I’ll probably keep trying to pull mine at 145 then…and my wife’s @ 160. They don’t seem to dry out, and The Queen likes to see Less Pinkish Pork and FOR SURE she wants her chicken to fall off the bone.

I don’t actually know why Boneless Pork Ribs remain so economical to buy, since Ground Beef has gotten so expen$ive! And any beef that is a decent cut is triple that…at least.

(The last batch I bought at Costco was $2.29!)

I have an ‘instant’ read temperature probe called a Thermapen (ThermoWorks product) that I felt guilty to spend so much money on. The are worth it though. I use it almost every day, either with my BBQ Habit or making AeroPress Coffee.

Highly recommended.


There is no shame in buying a decent instant read thermometer. It is the doofi (plural of doofus?) who insist you can tell how done a steak is by pressing it with a finger that amaze me. One caution on ribs…if you are smoking baby back or St. Louis style spare ribs it is often easy to over estimate the temp as the probe is close to a bone. I usually pick up the rack of ribs with tongs about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the way down the rack and if they break a little they are done… I dont want them falling off the bone.

But the question was about the country style ribs . Country-style ribs are not really ribs and they are from the part of the pig where the shoulder /boston butt is taken.

They are really pork chops, more meaty and less fatty than real ribs, and should be cooked like chops, not ribs. They are cut from the front end of the baby backs near the shoulder and a tray of country-style ribs in the grocery store might contain a rib or two but more than likely they there will be a section of shoulder blade. Depending on how they are cut, a serving will be one or two country ribs.


All true!

I often look on AmazingRibs.com website. Meathead Goldwyn said such a thing not too long ago, or I would never have heard of that!

Aside from chicken thighs, it may be my favorite cut of meat of any sort. It’s hard to beat Ribeyes, but they’re at least $9:50 or $10 (maybe $11!) about anywhere you look in my neighborhood.

Country style pork ribs are 2.50 or less bonless even!


Amazingribs.com is the go to place for bbq. I may have more or less lifted that line from him.


Boneless country style ribs are sliced pork butts. They really benefit from long, slow cooks.

I’ll set them up in my grill away from the heat twenty minutes or longer. If I oven bake them, I preheat to 275* and I will add a little bit of liquid in a baking dish. Oven baking I’ll let it go for 2:30 or 3 hours covered and then add some sugar free bbq sauce to finish for half an hour.


We have access to the G. Hughes Sugar Free line of BBQ sauces at most of the local Walmarts. The Hickory is our favorite, but I haven’t tried saucing them while still on the smoker (or grill).

I’m for sure gonna try that.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I’m not sure how it’ll be on the smoker, I’ve not done that. My experience was just in the oven.

I like a thin application and let it get sticky then reapply a few times for a thicker coating.

I like to add some of my favorite rub to the sauce since it has a dominant twang, I assume from the lemon juice it has.

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Use a Sous Vide machine, set it for 155 or 160, and the internal temp will go to 155 or 160, and stay there. Let em go for 24-40 hours, pull out, quick sear, Bam ! Best ribs ever :slightly_smiling_face: