What is the WORST keto recipe you have tried?

(jenny bowman) #21

Cloud bread. yuck.

(GINA ) #22

Anything with Swerve in it. The cooling effect is so much it is almost like mint toothpaste. Toothpaste-PB cookies are no bueno.

To be fair to Swerve and the people who recommend it, I think I am an erythritol super-taster.


Haha… this was self-made and no one to blame on the earth but myself.
It’s tuna patties with too much mayo. I did fry it up and it was delicious but slightly too runny.

I used to make coconut flour crepes actually. I think they work better as crepes than pancakes because crepes require more eggs and the eggs hold the batter together far better on the pan. Reduce the coconut flour, increase eggs and you have crepes (no sandy effect). I also used a bit of whipping cream, lots of cinnamon, some a couple of Splenda packets and salt to taste.

(Brian) #24

Coconut flour pancakes are a little tricky. But when you get them right, they’re really good, at least to me. My wife has them down pat, and it seems to be more of a “feel” thing when mixing up the batter. She’ll mix it and somehow she’ll know when it needs more liquid or when it’s just right. I haven’t watched closely enough to learn her secrets but there does seem to be a learning curve.

(Mike) #25

So, so so many kinds of keto bread in the early days. Made with genuine bark dust, I swear!

(Brian) #26

LOL!! That’s funny. Why? Because it’s true! :smiley:

I tried a lot of them too and just never really got to anything I wanted to repeat. Hate to admit it but if I really want bread that badly now, I’ll have the real thing. It’s not often and it’s never very much of it. I know it’s naughty. I know it’s not keto. A few times a year, though, I’m eatin’ the dang bun!


I tried a grain free bread recipe a year ago or so. The crust wasn’t real bad but the rest was an inedible purple mass.

(Heather Meyer) #28

I actually just tried a PB cookie recipe… its one of those 3 ingrident PB cookies… blech! The texture and taste were soooo off. Never again!


@PortHardy you got my attention, cuz these are one of our favorites!! I’m wondering if you used confectioner sweetener instead of granular. Because once I made them with confectioner and they were HORRIBLE… like, little slimy, mushy blobs. But with granuar, they’re pefect!!! (PB, egg, granual swerve… 350 for 12 min … let cool completely).

(Bob M) #30

I was on low fat for so many years that I rarely (back then) had bread (you need to put butter on it to make it taste good, and butter has FAT). I never had fast food (fries, cheeseburgers, etc.). So I never wanted to make fake keto bread. My downfalls were, in this order: beer, pizza, ice cream.

I’ve had no keto failures I can remember, as I usually don’t try to recreate non-keto foods. And I went through a fat bomb phase, where I’m sure we had some failures, but that was a pretty quick phase, once I realized fat was not filling to me but protein was.

(Heather Meyer) #31

I did granular Allulose actually…cant use Swerve due to intolerence. But either way…they came out bad. The first batch i burned. The second batch tasted almost rancid even though it was a brand new jar of PB


Mug cake. All I could taste was baking powder. And while I like eggs, something about the egginess and egg smell turned me off. I had to throw it out.


I tried the cauliflower grilled cheese, too.

Shared my experience here:


Has anyone tried the pancake recipe from The Magic Pill?

four eggs
half a cup of almond butter
cup of squash


@PortHardy :frowning: aww

(Heather Meyer) #36

squash?? what type? like butternut?


No idea, that’s all in said in the closed captions.

(Cindy) #38

Love this thread! LOL It helps to remind me why I don’t try to bake a keto version of former desserts. I think I’ll be like @Bellyman and if I really want it, I’ll have it. Just try to limit to very rare occasions.

I do like the Sola bread, but that’s a commercial product and not homemade. Even that, I don’t eat every day…maybe have a slice every other or every third day on average.

(Laurie) #39

I was going to say none. But some of the posts on here reminded me that keto fish patties, croquettes, etc., that I’ve tried to make didn’t turn out very well. Costco salmon patties (at 2 carbs per) are way better.

And keto PB cookies–no.


Oh, yes! I tried to make those. They looked great, but tasted disgusting - like eating a cake of sawdust which a peanut had just wandered past and waved at. The whole batch went in the bin.