What is the WORST keto recipe you have tried?

(Heather Meyer) #1

Tell me the WORST keto recipe you have tried and why?

The ONLY rule is: Out of kindness do not give the recipe creator’s name and do not link it to a food blog. Be kind :slight_smile:

Annnnd go!!!

(Heather Meyer) #2

I will start…

Coconut flour pancakes… it was like sand in my mouth. So gritty! and way to dry!

(Kristen Ann) #3

Keto sweets that use too much sweetener. I can’t handle really sweet things anymore. It’s like s shock to my mouth!

(Daisy) #4

Keto pumpkin spice pancakes was the absolute worst. So. So. Bad.

There was also a pork rind cookie and a smoothie recipe that tied for second worst.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #5

Keto friendly copycat of Olive Garden zuppa toscana. That’s what made me realize I hate cauliflower :nauseated_face:

(Heather Meyer) #6

Ew yah i could see the pumpkin pancakes being nasty.

(Heather Meyer) #7

yah i dont think cauliflour belongs in soup either.

(Rhonda) #8

Cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich. Why would anyone even think of making it? Ugh

(Heather Meyer) #9

i admit to trying it and failed epicly.

(Hillary ) #10

I tried a “keto” cheesecake that tasted like sour milk. My friend paid like twenty bucks for it. :confounded:


A linseed loaf by a well respected keto youtuber. Followed it to the letter. Ended up burning on the outside and was raw in the middle, and smelt like fish. A lot of commenters had a similar result.

(Jane) #12

I subbed roasted radishes for the cauliflower and I thought it was very good!

(Jane) #13

The bread recipe from the Magic Pill movie. Blech.


Sounds like you didn’t have enough eggs and liquid in it. Coconut flour is very absorbent. For example, if I wanted to replace one cup of almond flour in a recipe, I’d use:

  • 1/3 cup coconut flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup liquid

I no longer use almond flour. I really like using coconut flour, because I need so little of it in a recipe.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #15

I’ll have to try that out! Thanks :blush:


I’m sorry, but ‘pork rind’ and ‘cookie’ do NOT belong in the same sentence. Or recipe. (shudder) :nauseated_face:

(⚕ lowcarb.skrinak.com ⚕) #17

Oh my. I’ve unleashed so many disasters from my kitchen.

I’m unclear of the attribution, but I use the saying; “It takes a thousand mistakes to make a masterpiece” my mantra as the successes are delicious.

(Daisy) #18

:joy: at Christmas, I made a few non-keto desserts for my family and tried to make a keto version of each to go along with it. This was meant to be the keto version of corn flake candy. :face_vomiting: didn’t work out! Lol


keto mozzarella sticks. Well… it was my fault… lol… I didn’t have mozzarella cheese sticks, so I used cheddar cheese sticks (not the same consistency hahaha). They just melted in the oven in a pile of almond flour-concoction. We tried to eat them anyway, in a bowl with a fork. Didn’t even taste good to make it worth the appearance fail. :smiley:

(Brian) #20

The worst I can think of is a recent batch of peanut butter cookies. Wasted a butt load of perfectly good peanut butter on those things, too. Tasted like cardboard. I had no idea peanut butter could be so bad, I normally love all things peanut butter.

I rarely throw food away but if the rest of the family hadn’t eaten them, I really would have tossed 'em. They really were that bad.