What is the longest fast that you've completed?

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Sorry - auto correct is a little crazy today!

“Fasting” not Fadting and “combining” not combing!


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no worries there. People think they’re going to die at the first hunger pain.


sigh… you’re right :expressionless:


There are advantages to extended (30+ days) fasting:

It’s simple- no calories to count, macros to calculate, no switching​ up the routine

It’s cheap- no grass fed/organic/pastured food to buy

It achieves results quickly- fastest, most efficient way to fix deranged metabolism and thus lose weight

It’s challenging- builds discipline, willpower and can reset how we think about food

It doesn’t decrease BMR- avoiding the downward cycle that puts weight back on

It resets biological “set point”- so body wants to stay at new weight

It’s the closest thing to a clean sheet- allows to rebuild from scratch


Are all of these points true? I hope so! I’m especially curious about these two:

Does this make a significant change in IR?

If I could psych myself for this I’d give it a try…

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These are the arguments Jason Fung makes in praise of extended fasting so I tend to believe it, though how long you want to go is up to you.

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Helewisa, I think the answer is definitely yes, but here there will be a wide range among different people. Some will gain insulin sensitivity comparatively fast, while for others it takes a long time - years, even. Dr. Fung makes the point that we can’t “cure” ourselves, too - that if we go back to the previous harmful way of eating, back will come the increased insulin resistance.

One good, comforting factor is that for many people, weight loss itself is a powerful healthy change. Fat cells, if really chock-full of fat, don’t “want” to take more fat in, so there’s rather a physical component to insulin resistance there, versus just looking at blood insulin levels. As our metabolisms do heal - to the extent that is possible - hopefully lower weight combined with a better way of eating will get us to where we want to be.


Muchas gracias :wink:


Hey Carolyn, there’s a question on another thread “You decide my fate vote here” that you are uniquely qualified to answer. It’s based on Dr Fung’s assertion that losing weight via fasting will prevent loose skin that is commonly associated with weight loss. Has that been your experience?


Amazing! Please let us know how the refeeding moves along!

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Absolutely. I turned 65 a month ago. My skin is tighter and smoother than it was before I started.
My face also looks at least 15 years younger.

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I will - I expect it to go fairly smoothly as I am very much aware of the dangers and pitfalls and refuse to go there!

(But, we shall see. . .)


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I have to laugh at the “you need to eat every three hours or your brain won’t have any fuel” line of thought. Garbage! But unfortunately well marketed garbage.

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Congrats on such an epic fast, especially during the summer season. Did you struggle socially? I would imagine you would need fairly strong support from those around you to pull off such a long fast.

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I’m starting my fast today as well…


Happy fasting and good luck to you!

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can you start a thread about your refeeding process? I am very interested to watch you progress. Good luck to you tomorrow with your first meal!

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Congratulations @cgwwilson! What an amazing effort. You’ve done so well!

My longest fast has been 100 hours. I felt great for the first 48, then the last 52 were awful. I felt foggy and lethargic. I was drinking black decaf coffee, herbal tea, and salty home made broth. I must have done something wrong. Blah!

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Friends are used to my fasting for 3 - 7 days so I simply say I am fasting and it’s no big deal. My closest friends do know and have been supportive as they know I am being cautious and am capable of monitoring myself medically.

My husband passed away in early June so although he probably would have been comfortable with it I didn’t have to factor that in. I live with my 16 y.o. son and 82 y.o. Uncle, they have both been very supportive.

The majority of my family lives in San Diego - 550 miles south of us, so although I saw them all in late July and they knew I was on a long fast (approaching 40 days at that time) they don’t know that I’ve continued. My niece is aware and although a little concerned is also excited and basically accepting - although as someone who has a Masters in Nursing she is very glad that I have now officially ended this fast.

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Today went well. Two small avocados, coffee with cream and a tablespoon of macadamia nut butter.

No digestive issues other than a very noisy stomach and gut!