What instructions would you give the butcher?

(Amy Vassar) #1

We’re having a locally raised beef butchered next week, and we get the whole thing for our freezer! In the past, we’ve shared with friends and just bought a half beef usually, but keto has us eating all.the.meat.

So my question is, would you give any special instructions to the butcher? Anyone have experience with this? We usually just specify the size of packages we want for various cuts and ask for as much steak and roast as possible and not a ton of ground beef. But with going keto, should we ask for anything we haven’t in the past? Thanks for any and all suggestions!

(Carl Keller) #2

Here’s a butchering form I found. It should give you an idea of what to expect. The only specifications appear to be steak thickness, roast size and how the ground beef is portioned.

(Running from stupidity) #3

Keep as much fat on the cutsas is more than sensible, 80-20 (or whatever you want there, I find this to be the most versatile) mince, grind some organs into the mince :slight_smile:


(Monique) #4

Now this I like!!! Great idea.

(Amy Vassar) #5

Thanks! That looks similar to what we’ve been asked before. It’s nice to refresh my memory before we have to give them our preferences.

(Amy Vassar) #6

This is a great idea! I’ll see what they say. Thanks!

(Jane- Old Inky Crone) #7

I would ask for oxtail! YUM

(Amy Vassar) #8

I’ve never eaten oxtail! Might as well try now. :grinning: