What illnesses/diseases have been studied with specific regards to a ketogenic diet?

(Jodi) #21

Autism Mom here, never ate low fat until after I had kids. Always ate the fat/skin on my meat,lots of butter on my veggies, etc.
So, that theory wouldn’t apply to my severely autistic child.


Hi Jodi, I just edited my post to try to pose the question in a less offensive way. There’s obviously a broad spectrum of autism and a variety of causes or combinations of causes. I apologize for being so insensitive.

(Steven Judd) #23

Wow. If the pharmaceutical industry could put the ketogenic diet in a pill, doctors would be prescribing a daily dose to everyone!

(Lauren Casapulla) #24

Have you worked the GAPS Diet protocol?

(Anders ) #25

No, I have never heard of that protocol. Just had a quick glance at the outlines and the idea behind it, and it seems interesting. I am, however, having such great success with the Ketogenic way, that i’ll stick to it :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing GAPS to my attention, though!



I’m lightly researching Endotoxemia and was glad to see research showing keto helps.
However I’ve read criticism of keto because it causes endotoxemia. There also research to support this:

Your thoughts? Which to believe?

(Duncan Kerridge) #27

‘The high-fat meal, which provided ≈900 kcal, consisted of a cup of tea and 3 slices of toast spread with a total of 50 g butter’

So fats and carbs - you can’t draw any keto related conclusions from that study


Where did you find the info on the meal contents? I’m not seeing it in the article.

(Duncan Kerridge) #29

There’s a link at the bottom : http://m.ajcn.nutrition.org/content/86/5/1286.long?view=long&pmid=17991637

(melinda) #30

Bumping this thread because it’s important.

(Monika Ha) #31

I don’t have any studies, but among other things, keto put an end to my eternally bleeding gums. Guess that might fall under inflammation but also I think the lack of sugar has finally cured it.

(Ken) #32

Overall wound healing and blood clotting massively improves after adaptation into a lipolytic (ketogenic) nutritional lifestyle. Other things as well, such as bee stings and joint injuries. 15 years ago when I switched I had chronic ankle problems, (due to low level inflammation) since then I can’t remember the last time I sprained one.

(Doug) #33

Kudos, Melinda, and it sure is. Great resource.

Ken, yes indeed. Bee stings and mosquito bites on my lower legs - being diabetic for some months and prediabetic likely for decades - they healed very slowly, as in practically never, and forming more scar tissue than normal. After 2 months keto and fasting, an amazing reversal - everything was all gone, even the little blobs of scar tissue fading away. It’s rather freakish, actually, like “did that actually happen?”

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon) #34

I notice that the study assesses the significance of the correlations at p < 0.05. In any other branch of science, that would get them laughed out of court. Real scientists won’t bother to consider any data that don’t have a p-value less than 0.001.

(Bob ) #35

Nutrition studies are virtually never like hard science. There’s no hard science equivalent of their stupid “food frequency surveys” that seem to be the basis of so many. (“How many servings of beef did you have per week, last March?”)

(mike) #36

I’m an n=1 on this one. Just had eye exam last week and my “suspect” glaucoma eye pressure, which was borderline high is now no longer high!

(Andrea Shields ) #37

And aren’t the pharmaceutical companies desperate to get that ketone diet in a pill all worked out!!! It’ll never be enough, too many biochemical pathways & synergistic interactions…it’s like trying to put exercise in a pill…good luck to them!

(Nancy ) #38

Do you have candida albicans, or yeast overgrowth, causing the inflammation in your mouth? Try using herbs in capsules, such as pau d’arco, marshmallow, and yarrow to rido the candida.

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Bumping this one for new people!

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I’m sure I read somewhere that they’d managed this