What I got for Christmas


Up 10 lbs but I expect it will be gone soon enough

(Rebecca ) #2

Do you have the receipt? Maybe it can be returned!


or make that same resolution on Jan 1 to ditch it? :joy:


I got rebound COVID for Christmas. I first tested positive on December 16, started Paxlovid the same day, was negative December 20 before I had even finished my course of treatment, but have been positive every day since Santa arrived and can’t seem to shake it. It is frustrating the hell out of me, since I have had no fever ever and only the slightest of cold-like symptoms, which I guess is to be expected with the current mild variants and a patient as vaxxed up as me.


@PST, damn feel for ya on that one. rotten xmas pres…ya got coal for sure. hope things improve great for ya soon!!!

(Bob M) #6

I was positive for 3 days, then turned negative for 2, then positive for 5. No Paxlovid. Had a slight fever the first day, then no fever, but was tired for 2 days, felt better for 2 days, then got tired.

(Robin) #7

I have 2 friends who both tested positive, then negative a few days later, then positive again in a couple days… and obviously still feeling sick.
Has to be so frustrating!


I got some cold but I keep my untested state until I can :smiley: It’s not like I am not isolated to begin with…
My SO catched something 3.5 times in the last few years, he was tested for the first 2, negative, no idea for the 3rd as he just got bored with tests and it was over in the weekend… (I got that too :frowning: So we have no idea if we have COVID or not, not like it matters so much to us.)
And now I had a longer something and he got a tiny one but it’s holiday time anyway. I almost thought I should just miss Christmas with the family (only one extra person this time) but I got good enough that I risked it :slight_smile: At least I only felt definitely sick for a few times. There were symptoms for much longer but I didn’t feel like a SICK zombie inside, I hate that. Now I know what brain fog is. I am sick so rarely that I keep forgetting and I never have it otherwise, just general morning zombiness and that doesn’t come with the mood wanting to think but having problems.