What do you wear when you get on the scale?


I go naked too, first thing in the morning after using the restroom.

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Underwear, glasses, wedding ring, fitbit and a deep breath in.


A grimace

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Butt naked first thing in the morning after a pee!

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I think a thread like this requires some pictorial verification. Here’s a picture of my scale. Now, in your mind’s eye, picture a nekid old firefighter…

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Absolutely nothing.

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I think the most important thing when weighing is consistency. None of our scales are 100% accurate, so we really are looking at trending and patterns to get the overall picture of where we are. So my opinion is this, wear what ever makes you comfortable, but be consistent with it. If you are going to wear pajamas, make sure they are the same pajamas every day so that there are no strange fluctuations (up or down). We don’t really know what our clothes weigh so we don’t have a good indicator of how they are affecting our scale. It is really irritating to see a 1 pound weight gain and not know if it was caused by actual body weight or your new K-pop t-shirt. I also have one of those BMI scales that sends pulses through your body to help measure your stats. Wearing clothes can interrupt that process and give less accurate readings.

I think that is why most people, myself included, just skip the clothes. I take it a step further and I remove my rings, watch and earrings too.

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Make sure your scale is in the same spot. Variations in floor flex and topography affect your weigh in. Also brush your teeth for the lowest weigh in. … Kidding


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I also like to make sure I have shaved my legs the night before. Just to get the most accurate reading. :-):grin:

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I even take off the fitbit.

I’ve also noticed that if my cat is nuzzling my leg while the scale is scanning my body fat, it gets hers, too, so I have to close the bathroom door with her on the outside on days I’m planning to get on the scale.

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Wearing clothes to weigh in, is like putting your finger on the scale when you buy pay-by-the-ounce frozen yogurt.

Hey, being nekkid is more fun as the weight comes off… Just sayin’…

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I think Nebulous posted this thread to see how many talk about being nekkid… :joy::joy:

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My birthday suit. A different set of clothes is probably going to weigh a slightly different amount. It probably isn’t a huge difference, but at least it’s a variable that’s easily eliminated.

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Never have I seen so much love given when the topic includes BM’s, LOL!


I just wanted to see if the Nebulous household was the same as everyone else. Apparently we are. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wear regular clothes. When I go to the doctor I take off my shoes, because size 14 shoes weigh quite a bit. I don’t have a scale at home. But there is an old school scale (the type where you slide the weights)in the mens room at work. After several times where I weighed at work (shoes on) and then went soon after to the doctor, I’ve got it down to a science.

I kind of like that I’m actually a little lighter than I think I am… :thinking:

What? ? ?

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Wear? What ever do you mean? :grin: