What do you wear when you get on the scale?


Here’s a silly question… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What do you wear when you get on the scale? Are you just in your underwear? Maybe wearing nothing at all? Do you count the weight of your clothes towards the number you tell people?

(bulkbiker) #2

naked first thing in the morning after a pee.

That’s why I have scales at home!

(Allie) #3

Nothing. I don’t want to weigh my clothes.

(the cheater) #4

When I’m assessing myself for a PT test (Army), I’ll weigh in with what I’d have to wear during the official weigh-in; so basically socks, shorts, and a t-shirt.

In truth, your body weight fluctuates so much throughout the day that you might as well weigh in in clothes. However, I know the rush of feeling like you’re at a new record and want every last gram off or out of you! For these days, yeah, I weigh in in the morning after a good poo and pee, naked, and havning not eaten or drank anything since the night before. Of course, I know, the second I take a sip of water or eat breakfast I’m packing on the pounds again lol!

(Pete A) #5

Clothes weigh something. I don’t need that added to me! :grinning: Nekkid.


I only ever weigh first thing in the morning, naked, after all bathroom voiding :wink:

If I don’t empty out first, then I skip the weigh in. No way would I let a slow emerging bowel movement ruin my day.


(Kirk) #7

A smile.

(Rob) #8

Absolutely nothing (at home). Weigh right after I wake up before I eat or drink anything. If I have a Dr.s appt.(knowing I’ll be weighed) I dress “light” (I can wear shorts here most of the year) and I empty my pockets of cell phone, wallet, etc. before stepping on the scale.

(Felicity ) #9

Undies, first thing in the A.M. after peeing.

(Sandy) #10

Nothing. I even remove my watch and ring.

(Karen) #11

Jammies, but voided.


(Omar) #12

short and t shirt

if I find that I did not lose weight, I take them off :grin:

(Sophie) #13

My glasses so I can read the readout! :smile:

(John B) #14

Nothing at all except for my glasses so I can read what it says.

(Todd Allen) #15

I prefer to weigh myself in my swim trunks while standing next to the 4 FT marker of my local swimming pool.

(Doug) #16

I go outside to weight myself. Hook up to one of these:

(Raj Seth) #17

IKR :+1::+1:. I nearly broke my phone when I read that. And yes, with glasses on of course!!

(bulkbiker) #18

watch yes ring… never thought of it…

(Raj Seth) #19

If I haven’t ummmmm evacuated, I just subtract 1# from the scale reading

(Jay Patten) #20

My birthday suit :sunglasses:

Drives the nurse at my doctor’s office out of her mind :joy::grin: