What do you think of the Self nutrition data site?

(BuckRimfire) #1

I often look up nutrition data at this site because it seems to contain a fairly broad range of info on vitamins and minerals, and I like the look of it.
Of course, I ignore their subjective section “Nutrition Data’s opinion; the good/the bad” which is still purely the discredited conventional “wisdom.” Beyond that, anyone have any caveats about their actual data?

(Vic) #2

I use it often, I like that I get a breakdown of all the NUTRITIONAL DATA

I can’t believe when searching many sites will say nutritional data and then ONLY give cals fat protein carbs and maybe if I am lucky calcium vit A and Iron but nothing else


I love this site and used it a lot back in the day I did low carb.
I still have it bookmarked on my 'puter :slight_smile: