What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

(Charlotte) #116

I really appreciate him as someone who offers a clear, not-too-intimidating intro to keto. (Seemingly unlike many keto-ers) I am not a very left-brained analytical type, and some of the educational videos out there in the keto-verse, while helpful, make my eyes glaze over and my attention wander when they get too into the weeds around the science of it all. I like that most of Dr. Berg’s videos are short and to the point, with easily digestible information for more right-brained types like myself. I don’t think I would have had the patience to really learn and understand how keto works, and why it is ultimately the healthiest way for humans to eat, without his videos to help guide me at the beginning of my keto WOA. That said, as I’ve learned more, I’ve strayed from some of his teachings–I don’t think all of his advice works across the board, some of his advice is too stringent or extreme, his supplements are crazy overpriced and not necessarily worth it (I did try a couple, and found the sleep aid to be helpful, albeit unsustainably expensive, and the adrenal support formula to make no quantifiable difference at all), and the man does not believe there’s a difference between coconut oil and coconut butter, which brings his credibility into question in and of itself if you ask me. :laughing:

Generally, I point folks in my life who are interested in learning about keto toward his videos, with the caveat that his free content is great and his supplements are unnecessary.

(Michele) #117

Not sure if I need to say this - I might say too much and then get bored with myself :):joy:
Dr - philosophically speaking using a title can put you in the Appeal to Authority category. That is using a credential when not connected to the things you are saying, however giving the false impression it is connected to what you are saying. I can sign BSc to my name but never do and wouldn’t (awarded in Zoology) because I don’t work in this field. However I do have a BA (Hons first class) in Philosophy (mainly Ethics) blah- getting bored now :slight_smile:

Next thought or is it a question? Is nutritional advice to be considered a subset of medical advice? While a person may say they are not giving medical advice all the while giving nutritional advice… are they still giving only nutritional advice or medical advice?
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(Dan Dan) #118

I find it amusing that those here who would agree that the Medical profession knows little about nutrition and would never follow their advice about nutrition that those very same complain when someone who knows a great deal about nutrition might be mistaken for a ‘real doctor’ and someone might follow their advice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

(Kaiden) #119

I’m going to say that Dr. Berg has gone through the education, credentialing, and licensing to the point where he can call himself a doctor. DC, yes, MD, no. I don’t think he’s trying to fool people into thinking he’s not a chiropractor.

(Brian) #120

That is a very good question, Michele. It may depend upon which country one is talking about as it may vary from place to place but I would guess someone has a better handle on this than I do.

(Karl) #121

Is this the same Dr. Berg that runs some scientology gig out of the DC area, or is that some other Dr. Berg? I thought it was the same guy, but now I’m not so sure. Like others in this thread, I have a bias against chiropractic for my own personal reasons. But I have an even stronger bias against scientologists lol

(Ron) #122

It would be this Dr. Berg-

(Auden) #123

I thought you were serious! I am totally a Dr. Berg fangirl though. <3

(Sabine Haller) #124

I like his ideas, I came across him regrading OMAD, but he has the personality of a snail on dope - honestly, if I cannot sleep, I put on one of his videos and I am gone in seconds. I still don’t know what he is saying, but the titles and description of his videos certainly looks interesting and informative.

(Aimee Moisa) #125

OMG So do I! I was watching his videos in bed on Sunday and fell asleep with the videos playing at noon and then woke up at 4:30 fully refreshed! LOL

I keep thinking, “Is it me or does he seem stoned all the time?”

(Aimee Moisa) #126

Wow, that post on the link you gave us is really badly-written.

(Aimee Moisa) #127

Me too! Me too! In 1990 I started on MUDs and then MUCKs and eventually IRC. LOL


I think he has a really unhealthy obsession with kale :thinking:

Aside from ,that. He has some good information but I dont consider him the top of my go to list.

Nothing wrong with chiros though, theres good ones & bad ones, just like dr’s
Mines awsome and 10 x smarter & more informed than any of the drs around here. And certainly much more nutrition savy :grin:

(Omar) #129

I like him

He is great person.

He does not go extreme either way.

He is fair open minded

He has short videos and to the point

very little opinion and more scientific facts.

He adds value without any doubt

(Aimee Moisa) #130

I’m sure he’s a nice person. And yes, his videos have lots of science and little opinion. He “tells it like it is” but I have one problem (besides his voice being kind of boring to me):

I like A LOT of science. I like long videos that get deep into the meat of a subject or at the least a long series of videos that builds on the topic of the previous videos. Dr. Berg seems to go about willy nilly from one subject to the next, which is how most vloggers do it but I really like a good ol’ fashioned documentary series on a particular subject. Have you ever watched CrashCourse on youtube? They have an Anatomy & Physiology course that’s just amazing. If you turn the speed on the videos down to .75 then you can even understand what Hang Green is saying 'cause he’s not talking as fast. Hang does end up sounding drunk at that speed but at least you can understand him. :slight_smile:

Remember in the first few podcats, the 2 Dudes were very sciency and technical then in the 3rd, maybe 4th podcast they mentioned that people were complaining it was TOO sciency and technical and they agreed to try to cut down? I was like “NO! I want MORE science!” Le sigh. @richard

(Shayne) #131

IN that case, you should watch Dr. Fung’s videos if you haven’t already. Or Low Carb Down Under.

(Aimee Moisa) #132

I have watched a few of Dr. Fung’s and I just love them. I’ll have to check out LCDU. Is that just on YouTube?

(Shayne) #133

yes - lots and lots of scientific presentations to choose from


Oh yes, LCDU talks are so great. My favorite Dr. Bikman talks are there.

I also really enjoy it when Dr. Fung swears.

(Aimee Moisa) #135

I love how he calls people who refuse to accept science stupid.