What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

(Edith) #256

Seven to ten cups of greens is not actually that much. Two cups of spring mix has 3 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fiber. It also has lots of iron, vitamin c (for those of us who still think vitamin c is important), vitamin k, and potassium. It is very nutritious for only one gram of net carbs.

@Genny, were you only eating the greens to give you the histamine overload or did you use dressing with vinegar on them? I’m curious.


Spinach could be the culprit, if it was in the mix…


I was eating tons of spinach, avocados, pickles, nuts…sardines and yes, oil and vinegar dressings. However, I had been eating all of that in moderation without issues until I started really consuming so much spinach. I just overdid it trying to follow his advice.

I’m better now, but still see a response from spinach and avocados.

(Edith) #259

I’m glad you’ve figured things out. I’m working on figuring which foods are okay and which cause issues. I have no problem with spring mix. I think there is not that much spinach in it, but unfortunately, vinegar does seem to cause problems. Sigh. :pensive:

I now make my own dressing using pomegranate juice.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #260

I’ve lost 25 pounds on keto. Any kind of green is good. Please don’t overthink this.

(Edith) #261

Sorry, @Regina, that reply was in response to histamine intolerance. Spinach has a high level of histamines and is considered a food to avoid if one has problems with histamine. I had replied to @Genny about histamine trouble from spinach. I did not do my reply correctly. :blush:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #262

That’s ok. It’s a great reminder. I eat a lot of spinach.

(Meg S) #263

The fact that he’s a Scientologist and tries to sell lots of Supplements etc set of my spider senses too. I watched a few episodes but have great difficulty knowing his morals… (lack of) this WOE requires no supplements

(B. Aware) #264

I know that I’m going to get smacked because of my first comment on here, but I think motivation is key. Picking and choosing what someone says and yet being aware that if their motivation is skewed and you don’t have the full knowledge to discern they are wrong you can be misled fairly easily. How many of us try our best to not fund any cause that we would disagree with yet we probably do because we haven’t looked into everything and may not find out that it’s bad until later. I don’t agree with Scientology whatsoever and I believe it to be what’s referred to as a cult that manipulates people for monetary gain. Therefore I will not purchase any products from Dr Berg until I know for a fact he is not a Scientologist. They teach you in Scientology that no one leaves Scientology of their own volition meaning free will. People can use truth to deceive people. I will pick and choose and research things that he says. I agree with a lot of his teachings on health and health foods. I especially agree about sugar and carbs being bad which even Jack LaLanne replied to Larry King on his television show that the two things we should avoid are refined white sugar and refined white flour. Nowadays they have switched to high fructose corn syrup which is worse. Okay enough for now or I might be known as long winded. :grin:

(Robin) #265

Welcome. Hope you realize you responded to a very old post and a person who has not been active for years.

Look forward to hearing about your keto journey.

(Laurie) #266

He provides some useful information and tips. I don’t eat the vegetables as he advises, because I just can’t. As with anyone else, I don’t have to go along with him 100%.


I also think he provides some useful information. But he lost me when he stated every single thing we eat must be organic, grassfed, free range, etc, as if we all live in a perfect world. Buying all the vegetables, as well as grassfed red meat and free range chickens, organic free range eggs, is just not doable for a lot of people. So it’s a really discouraging piece of advice. Which is why I disregard him.


I’d argue for the MAJORITY of people! I actually (can) afford to, but why? Aside from “Organic” not meaning a whole lot (in the US at least) and the fact grass fed meat doesn’t taste as good, that’s a lot of money when there’s not a ton to show us that it’s truly more healthy for us. Is it healther to (not) injest round up? Of course it is. But…

Also, I’m a truck driver for a company that supplies Greenhouses and Agriculture, and guess what? Half the “Organic” fertilizers and chemicals they use, aside from being INSANELY expensive (that’s why we get bent over buying them) Have HAZMAT placards on them just like all the evil ones! What’s that tell you? I do buy some of my produce organic, but not 100% sold on it either.


Yes, I was probably thinking more the majority of people. I certainly can’t afford to buy anything organic or grass fed, but I have still enjoyed health benefits on keto, and my body feels well nourished and relishes the foods I now eat which is all the encouragement I need.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #270

I’ve been learning about regenerative agriculture lately, especially adaptative multi-paddock grazing, and some of the things I’ve learned are just how little “organic” certification actually means in the U.S., and that the nutrient profile and taste of “grass-fed” meat varies quite considerably with grazing practices.

On a well-managed regenerative grazing operation, the abundance of nutrients and healthy microbes in the soil, together with the great diversity of the fodder, promotes much better-tasting meat, while eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilsers, which can have a negative impact on taste.

The lesson is that it pays to know just how your local farmers or graziers are managing their land.


I don’t even think we have “grass fed” here, it’s just beef and I don’t get any beef locally, it’s only in bigger towns and cities :smiley: Not like I could afford it often but my body is pretty much elated with the cheapest supermarket pork and some other meats as long as I eat enough and don’t eat much plant carbs :smiley: My body wants carnivore or close and it’s a great idea even with little to zero ruminant meat, at least for me.
I am more choosy about my eggs, fortunately many people are keeping hens and while I can’t always know how, it’s at least one step better than the most common method… I eat home-raised young rabbits too, it’s something I can do as they are cheap enough… And it’s just some little variety, not our main meat, of course.

And as maybe most people on this forum, I don’t believe that fancy things are necessarily so much better…

(Doug) #272

At times he does, but nothing that other people don’t do better. Berg is really just focused on spamming out videos, and there’s considerable nonsense in there as well, and times when he’s clearly just reading a script - he doesn’t know the subject. And, he’s a Scientologist who sends huge amounts of money to that abusive organization.


I really had no idea. I’ve not actually listened to any of his videoes, but I did stumble upon his website and thought some of the things he were saying were sensible, until I read that absolutely everything had to be organic, grassfed, etc. I quit reading after that.