What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

(Karim Wassef) #236

I respect your point of view and you are entitled to vote by not watching his vids. :slight_smile:
However, I personally won’t use an individual’s personal choices to color my view of their work or contribution.
For example- I have employees who believe many different things… practice different lifestyles and make different choices… but I only look at the value they create.

To the new initiate to keto, I think Dr Berg is useful and helpful. He’s a good starting step to the learning process and many who have come to this forum (based on a review of comments) started with his vids.

When starting a revolution, we need as many productive soldiers as possible. I tend to be inclusive unless someone is causing harm. The world of greedy big Pharma, big medicine, big food, big exercise and their insidious mind washing of the carb addicted populace - that’s the real enemy. Those forces are literally causing disease, suffering and premature death.

If Dr Berg’s vids change the trajectory of even one carb addicted soul, I think it’s worth accepting the ads and his own lifestyle and belief choices as relatively harmless in comparison to the gains.

I know this isn’t popular, but it’s my 2cents :smiley:

(Doug) #237

The end justifies the means. :neutral_face:

:slightly_smiling_face: Being totally serious - you are right, Karim, many people can get positive value from Berg. I respect your point of view too, and you make excellent posts. I try not to jump on every post that mentions Berg… Sometimes I even go days without doing it. :wink:

(Omar) #238

I do not know what is Scientology but looking to Google, it does not sound bad.


Watch Leah Remini’s show…scientology is bad

(Doug) #240

Omar, it’s fascinating how it came to be. Plenty of documentaries and testimony on how it really is pretty bad, however.

Yet it really is a side-issue with Berg, unless it really matters to us.

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I did

I listened to her with Larry king. maybe scientology is bad but She was not convincing at all. as a matter of fact she looked suspicious to me.

so I am assuming it is relegion competition.


I agree

But many people in this thread use the fact that Dr Berg is scientology member to discredit him.

(Doug) #243

Omar, I read what some people had to say - patients of Berg or members of their families, and people who have worked in Berg’s clinic in Virginia, USA. There is plenty to discredit him.

First impressions matter a lot - some people like Berg, and after that are not as willing to believe/accept bad things about him.

Myself - I got a bad feeling right away, watching his videos - he just seemed creepy to me, like an undertaker, like he is one nasty individual when he’s not on camera. And of course that could just be my feelings. But in reading about him, a prevalent story does emerge.

There is a lot more to criticism of Scientology than Leah Remini - I’ve seen several documentaries and heard testimony from many people.

In the end, though - I do agree that some people have benefitted from Berg’s videos, and it’s not a big thing for me - I just like to argue, and “taking shots” at Scientologists is entirely righteous, in my opinion.


Because Scientology is a straight-up cult. It meets all the legal definitions of a cult. Like, harassing and threatening its members, telling them to disconnect from family and friends who disagree with the cult, isolating them from nonbelievers, mentally and emotionally abusing them, extorting money out of them, they’re one bad day away from dishing out the Kool-aid, that’s the level of cult we’re dealing with here.


And that’s why I won’t have anything to do with Dr Berg or whatever he shills - I don’t want ONE CENT of my money somehow getting back (via him) to that so-called ‘church’. :rage:

(Karim Wassef) #246

I would like to say that I tend to evaluate others based on my personal experience with them or their content. Religious bias is a dangerous thing & I believe that people should freely worship anything and in anyway they choose as long as it doesn’t encroach on the freedom of others (especially if the others is me :slight_smile: )

All I have is evidence that he’s useful to many and no evidence that he’s malicious or manipulative or harmful. So - ignorant as I am of his potential evil - I will watch and take what I find useful… but I’m watching to see if something untoward comes my way… :smiley:

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2007 is a long time ago :slight_smile:
If he’s paid his debt to society… is he still doing weird water stuff?
If an ex-con helps me change a flat tire, I still say “thank you”.

(Doug) #249

To the extent he can - selling some things that are true snake-oil, not to mention being grossly overpriced, then yes. And the money is still going for a massively bad cause.

(Running from stupidity) #250

There’s plenty even on this site. Deliberately avoiding evidence isn’t the same thing as “no evidence.”

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I got into keto from listening to doctors Attia, Lustig, and Phinney. I found LCDU’s YouTube channel, and discovered a number of other reasearchers and was impressed by the quality of their talks, in particular the references to the scientific literature. When you get the dope from high-powered researchers, anyone else sounds rather tame.

(Alex ) #252

Didn’t know about the Berg/Scientology stuff! Hilarious!

The plot thickens…

Trust no one, doubt everything, make your own informed decisions!


We will have to agree to disagree…

(Omar) #254

I agree :blush:

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How remarkably civilized. :+1: Are you sure this is the Internet?