What do others in house eat if you are keto?


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When i cook I am doing it keto. I am worried about spouse and son. They are okay eating the food, but they usually have carbs too. My son is young and probably not a big deal to his body yet (of course I tell him keto is good for the muscle building he is trying to do). My spouse I worry about heart problems and such with high fat and carbs. She does some of the IF with some success but when she doesn’t control carbs, she does not lose weight. What is the carb limits for non diabetic? I have read like 80 to 100 gm a day (I think that was Eades). Should they cut back on carbs or not eat my high fat stuff? What do you guys do in your houses?

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We currently make 4 different meals – one for each person:

Me: Keto
My wife: Gluten free
My father-in-law: No spices at all
My son: Specific foods (he is a picky eater)

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Fat intake doesn’t appear to be linked to heart problems, except when combined with excessive carbs.

Realistically, I cook for myself separately and I also fast on some days. I make slow cooker meals for the wife and kids, sandwiches, salads, whatever they want. I just eat the steak.

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I handle my own meals, groceries, and what time I eat. My wife does the same. Stuff that we can both have without affecting each others’ diet we share. On occasion we’ll go out to eat where we can both eat. If I’m cooking then I try to make something that caters to her diet where I can add in something afterwards to convert it to mine. (i.o.w. Big tasty salad, simple meat/sides for her, cook the heavy fatty yummy stuff last for me. :wink: )


In my household right now, we have one person actively trying to lose weight, one person actively trying to gain weight, and one person trying to maintain current weight.

I look for recipes that are HFLC but will appeal to everyone. There are many casseroles that have wide appeal. Ditto with stews. Meat and veggies smothered in cheese or a cream sauce only need the addition of a starch to increase the calories as desired.

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When I cook, it is LCHF and as keto as I can get it. So far, people have been happy with the results, including my niece, who is something of a picky eater. When my sister or my dad cooks, I eat what I can and take care of myself later, if need be. But my sister is supportive and either steers Dad into reasonably keto meals or warns me ahead of time. My sister has a recipe she calls “fully loaded cauliflower,” which we all love, especially my niece. It’s basically a lot of cream and cheese with cauliflower added, lol!

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Honestly if the dinner you’re cooking is something like ribeye with sauteed spinach (technically a perfect keto meal?), then adding a potato or two to the event for the others at the table is hardly a chore. You can make SAD meals keto-friendly by tweaking the ingredients, it should be a piece of cake and not bank-breaking to do the reverse.

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My husband cooks Keto and eats that way with me and will cook a starch for the kids.

So meat + salad or veggies + rice or potato.
Or zoodles with sausage and pesto + noodles for the kids.

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I cook for me only, most of the time. We work opposite shifts so my carb addicted boyfriend is responsible for his own food, but will eat keto with me at weekends. My dog is also keto, well he has no carbs and lives on raw meat and bones (apart from when he steals cat food). Oh I’ll admit to sometimes treating him to bacon and eggs too, just because he’s my best boy <3

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I cook for my family and then I cook for myself. I make natural food, with healthy fats and grassfed meat and so on but they do eat a lot of carbs. It’s sad to see, specially my man who eats really bad and drinks a lot of beer. He has so much health problems and is overweight. But he don’t want to change his lifestyle, so what can I do? When

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Yes, I have one of these…


H went keto about 3 months in to my journey. He still cheats a little but he knows I get annoyed, he actually bought me an ice cream sundae last week, which I shot down real fast and could not believe. One of the kids ate it and I doubt he will try that again.

The kids are not keto but have been eating less carbage. Oldest son was home all summer and was told that while he was welcome to eat what we ate, I was not cooking for him (he is over 18). He ended up losing about 8 lbs which he did not need to lose. When they were younger the general rule has always been if ou do not like the main meal, make your own or eat leftovers. We have a large family so I always tried to alternate foods. For example D likes fish, oldest S hates fish, S loves hamburgers, D hates hamburgers. So Monday might be fish and Tuesday would be hamburgers, with D eating Monday’s fish. The main meal is the same, hamburgers (with bun for kids), stews, roast chicken, breaded chicken (now breaded in almond flour instead of bread crumbs), I changed some of the marinades and sauces to lower carb ones. I make a separate carb side for the kids. Last night it was meatballs, cauliflower and gluten free and regular pasta (one of the kids does not eat gluten).

We do not eat pork and I cannot stomach eating gristle on meat. I do add more oil and butter to vegetables but not that much and I no longer drain the meat when making chili or add beans (got some complaints about both recently).

I think your real question is, since theoretically high fat is not safe in the presence of sugar, is it dangerous to feed them a high fat keto meal and then add a bowl of rice or pasta to it? I have no idea


Meals of pork ribs, creamed spinach and a loaded baked potato are not the kind of food that damaged our metabolism. Eating real food (including carbohydrates) isn’t dangerous for normal healthy folks. Carbage is what messed us up and we have to eat restricted as a result. Those who avoid that mistake have bodies that can handle eating HFLC + a carb.


Yes, maybe someone’s great grandmother could get away with it because she never ate Twinkies or hohos. The poster’s wife and son probably have or something similar and may continue to. Then on top of that they are eating ribs with added butter and so on. Most kids, by their teenage years already have messed up metabolisms, it is simply not apparent yet as T2 can take 20 or 30 years to emerge

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That was me. I had reactive hypoglycemia at age 19 despite being extremely fit and working out constantly


Curious, what were your symptoms? One of my kids, very normal weight, athletic, eats well on SAD (if that is not a contradiction) really tries to eat real foods whenever possible has periods where he is exhausted and has to nap. It can be both before and after he eats. His fasting bg is 80. He also has lots of trouble waking up

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I was always kind of chunky (not huge). I was 5’11" starting my junior year. I went on a diet and went from about 190 pounds to 138 pounds at age 17 as a senior. I then got big into working out (8+ hours a day). I stayed a very fit 175 pounds, but I would always gain a LOT of weight the second I stopped working out. I could lose it pretty fast though when I went back to working out.


Ok, Thank you. So not an energy, tired situation

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For our family of 3, I still make most traditional Philippine dishes (protein with vegetables), and the usual steamed rice for them. I just don’t eat rice.

I eat avocado to supplement the fat.

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I cook Keto vegetables for all of us, and the protean, (fish, chicken usually, as I rarely ever cook beef or pork, even pre-Keto) and then have to make potatoes, pasta or rice for the rest of them, so they get a bit of a Keto supper nightly, but they ruin their Keto with the high carbs and the deserts they have.

I find it harder when I am doing a fast, but still have to cook meals for all the others. During these times I usually make totally non-Keto things, so this is hard on me for cravings, but I chew my Pur gum and just do it, hehe.