What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Khara) #1833

Rhodie and azalea season here in the PNW. :hibiscus:

Lazy Saturday, bringing the outside in.:paw_prints:

Currently at the local feed/hardware store.:slight_smile:

(Allie) #1834

That is the exact thing that happens in my house!! :joy: There are some pics tucked away in this thread showing just that :joy:

Thing is, my cat flap is in the barn door and as the garden is completely enclosed, it should only be cats that come through it :joy:

(Allie) #1835

Maud really does lay massive eggs :joy:
She’s been laying a normal shell one day followed by a soft shell the next and today was likely to be a soft shell but it seems the supplements I’ve been giving her are helping :grinning: It’s a bit bumpy but she only started laying again a week ago and still has lots of healing taking place from her caged life.
Oh and she now has her own separate place to lay as she didn’t like having to be with the other girls.

(Allie) #1836

There’s a local marathon running past my house tomorrow and clearly this is the part of the course where the runners have to climb up a street light.

My boy was tired by this point but still smiling :heart:

A random dandelion.

And a doggy event I would like to try taking my Chunk to… :grinning:

(Sharing the Bacon Love since 2018) #1837

That’s a tough race!

(Jane) #1838

My hostas I planted 4 years ago and really looking nice this year!

Dahlia and Clematis

Four years ago we planted 2 cherry trees, 3 pear and 4 apple trees. One pear tree didn’t make it. We added 2 peach trees last year.

The last 2 years we had one apple tree make a small amount of fruit and one pear tree. Nothing on the cherry trees yet.

This year I FINALLY will have some cherries! Won’t be many, but at least it is bearing fruit now so every year should have more.

(Edith) #1839

You may already know this, but you can add ground oyster shell to their feed and that helps harden up their eggs. I also save the egg shells of the eggs we eat and crunch them up. Then I mix them in with dinner scraps or leftovers and give them to the chickens. Also, they love yogurt.

It was sad to see what poor shape they were in. I’m glad they are healing.

(Allie) #1840

Thanks Edith, they have poultry grit already (in bowl so they take what they want) and the egg shells are saved and roasted for ten mins (makes them easier to break up I think) before being crushed and added to the grit bowl. Also a special mineral supplement too :heart:

(Jane) #1841

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #1842

The hostas love the weather. The dark green ones are about 4 feet across. Each year they get larger.

(Allie) #1843

Morning walk.
Grass is long :joy:

(Complete legend) #1844


(Allie) #1845

He’s struggling a bit at the moment @juice, my best boy is getting old :frowning:

(Complete legend) #1846


(Karen) #1847

Chasing the Big Boy locomotive from Cheyenne to Rawlins

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #1848

Nice! I love big and powerful trains. Always have loved them!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1849

Lots of hugs. I’m sorry, Allie. Give him an extra rub down today, from me. :heart:

(Allie) #1850

Thanks @x-Dena-x, I will :heart:

(Jane) #1851

They do! I planted mine 4 years ago and they are gorgeous this year. But not as big as yours… I have hosta envy!! :laughing:

(Randy) #1852

I hope he feels better soon. It’s hard to watch family members (of all species) struggle. Chunk has an awesome life thanks to his awesome mom!!! :heart: