What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Jane) #1853

And my tiny Japanese Fringe tree I just planted last month bloomed!


Last one for the season. when out for my walk, literally saw him be born, I wanted to video but I was too far. I have been trying to get a good birth on camera for my daughter’s school.


Second pic is a couple hours later.


My dogs, Baby (the black Lab) and Angel (little brown blob in the distance, a Feist).

And a closeup of Angel.

(Ashley) #1857

How is that having two dogs in such a small space lol?


I don’t have a lot of stuff so there’s more space than you would think. Plus, they’re both getting on in years so all they do is sleep all day on my bed, lol. I really adore them, so that helps too! :blush:

(Ashley) #1859

They are for sure adorable! Mine would go stir crazy! My chihuahua/jack Russell mix would probably be fine since she’s a super lazy dog, my other goes stir crazy!


I’m on 22 acres and my door is usually open for them to wander in and out as they please. I reckon they got it pretty good :smiley:

(Ashley) #1861

Dang! Can I put a cabin next to you? Lol!!!

(Jane) #1862

Sammy checking out the chickens. She’s not sure about them LOL

We are going to let them out in the meadow tomorrow while we are weeding our garden and then herd them back to their fenced area when we go in.

I’m glad they have double protection. Their coop has a small run under it where their food and water is and it is totally enclosed in wire. Nothing should be able to get in if they breach our fenced area. They go into their coop to roost every evening and we close and latch them in.

My neighbor texted us yesterday that she saw a bobcat on the road to our property. One of the local businesses has one stuffed in their lobby that they shot not too far from us, so I know we have a few. Lots of coons too and they will kill chickens.

(Sharing the Bacon Love since 2018) #1863

Silly dog wouldn’t look at me once, to take his picture. :laughing:


I tried to like your comment but it said I was out of likes. That’s what I get for spending 2 hours on the Before and After pics thread! Here, have a heart :purple_heart:

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That and the What did you Keto thread will get you every time.



(Ashley) #1867

Yes, yes it will!

(bulkbiker) #1868

Some from this morning… in Hove UK

(Allie) #1869

Morning walk just now :heart:


Babies!!! Yay!!

Chunk looks happy. :smiley:

(Allie) #1871

He’s very happy today yes :blush: It’s warm which he loves but normally the heat makes him struggle on walks, so I found him lots of places to go paddling as well as walking in very long wet grass to help him stay cool.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1872