What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1813

I love these trees - I think they are called lilac trees. In fall, every time you walk by you get bonked on the head with pods.

(Allie) #1814

We are not on our walkies yet but here’s my darling dog asking nicely to share my breakfast :heart:

And from yesterday’s lunchtime walk when I got absolutely soaked but had no option but to keep walking :joy:

(Ellen) #1815

Yay CHUNK, but boo to getting soaked, have a :heart: as I’m all out of likes.

(Allie) #1816

Just off on our walkies :heart:


We dusted off our bikes, season opened :slight_smile:

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #1818

Sadly I’m prevented from walking much these days because of a foot problem. But the view from my Cleveland hotel room is pretty nice:

(Jody) #1819

That first photo is BEAUTIFUL


Thanks :slight_smile: the older I am, the more I appreciate how beautiful my country is…

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1821

Looking through Pinterest saw this and thought of you @Shortstuff:

Hope it’s not lost in translation. :rofl:

(Allie) #1822

:joy: it’s true :joy:

When I got home last night Waffle was halfway up the stairs as it was raining and she had come in the cat flap :open_mouth::joy:

(Allie) #1823

Just home from today’s walkies :heart:
My darling old man is limited to one gallop off the lead a week now because of his sore shoulder, so I try to make sure he has the best gallop when it does happen and today he was in heaven :grinning:

(Jane) #1824

Smart chickie!


(Allie) #1825

We had a sudden apocalyptic style hale storm and the girls thought the sky was falling in and ran into the house for safety. Nice to know they feel safe enough here to do that :heart:

(Jane) #1826

Welcome to my garden.



Iceberg climbing rose on arbor. Has a nice scent also.

First harvest of the year. Tried a new oblong radish variety called French Breakfast. Supposed to be mild so I’ll see tonight when I have my salad from the garden.

(Jane) #1827

Our low water creek crossing and the creek that feeds it. So glad it was low enough to get across last night!

(Jane) #1828

I counted 8 frogs on the rim of our little fountain last night when I was out checking on chickens and garden with my flashlight.

This morning it was full of tadpoles so said frogs have been busy for a while now!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1829

This literally made me laugh out loud. Between what was actually happening and the word “cat flap”, I couldnt help it. :rofl: Thats so adorable, I cant even.

(Randy) #1830

(Jane) #1831

If I had a “cat flap” where I live now… it would be WILD KINGDOM in my house!!!

I had one in Houston with no issues…here? I would have every imaginable creature in my living room!!!

I am not Dr-Allie-Doolittle. They would wreck my home!!! :rofl:

(Khara) #1832

Ya, the chicken thru the cat flap made me smile too. :blush: @Shortstuff

Made me think of this, one of my favorite memes.